Monday, May 21, 2007

Clean House

I have been, for quite a while now, have been ranting about how dirty the house is. (Mind you, not my house where my folks live, but my house in Tabangao...) No one seems to care to keep tidy, everything is always a mess, and the floor is so gross I can hardly stand it...

But over the weekend, me and my housemates cleaned house! Yep. The house is now nice and dust free, no more molding leftovers and inch thick floor dust. I can now breathe in without sneezing and be able to walk around the living room in my socks and now worry about soiling them even before I put shoes on...

But it isn't complete yet. We have tons of plastic and glass bottles we have to recycle (or get rid of), and of course, maintain the cleanliness of our home away from home. :D

I found this photo of me and Oble taken during my graduation ceremonies back in 2006. :D Ang galing mag pose ni Oble!

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