Friday, May 25, 2007

Cure for Burnout

I've discovered a great new way to cure burnout from working too much and too hard. When you start finding yourself still in the office at 8pm everynight, missing lunch to meet deadlines, or worrying more about a mistake on your spreadsheet than about losing your hair... to a job applicant!

Applicants ask almost the same things: How much is the salary? How fast is the career progression? Are there trainings? What are the benefits? What will I be doing? How is it working here? What are the bosses like?

I've found that it reminds you of why you chose to work for the company you work for in the first place. And it is validated when you say out loud things like: "Yeah, it's challenging, but it's a dynamic field, very exciting, with brilliant people, great opportunities, and the pay is not bad." ;)

YES, i do like my job. Haha!

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