Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Endorphins are wonderful

I just got home from my first Badminton Tournament. Haha! We got 3rd place (out of 5) in our category. But what the heck, I had great fun. :D I said before that I wouldn't ever join a Tournament because it takes away the fun in the game. When we played, we'd always be laughing our heads off and our stress away. Endorp
hins are wonderful. But this tournament was really fun and I did not for a moment feel over competitive.

Here's a photo of some of the players... Tabangao Badminton Club (Jourds, Mai, me, Jhayne and Kaye).
"and we're warning the city, now that we're in here, you'll know we've been here before we are done!"

So many people I know went to Bora! Geez. Liz and I already have tickets though. Hah! Nov 1 to 4. :D Hope it doesn't rain all 4 days. Haha..
Here's the car that hit my car. Revenge!!! Haha!

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