Monday, May 21, 2007

Random Thoughts and Raves and Rants

The Philippine Senatorial, Congressional and Local Government Elections 2007 had just been completed. Now they are counting the cast ballots, and the politicians are anxiously awaiting to see how effective their schemes were to increase their chances of winning. It's hilarious how some news websites are tallying the votes and classifying hopefuls as "neophyte", "from a political clan", and of course "celebrity". It's really amazing how much our political system has been penetrated by celebrities. My college professor had an interesting take on it. He said that politics is a play, and politicians are actors. They have to show that they care to get people to vote for them. They have to be endearing to the masses, so they sing, they dance, they show off their brains. It has become so much similar to movies and stage plays, musicals even, that we should anymore be surprised if it attracts the REAL actors, the REAL singers...

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