Monday, June 04, 2007

The Office

The office. Well, MY office. haha. There's my CPU on its side, my phone, my coffee mug (gotta have my coffee!) a couple of post-its to remind me of stuff I need to do...

...this is the place where I now spend most of my day, in front of this screen. :sigh:

but enough about that.

Liz and I already have tickets to Boracay, We'll be there from November 1 to 4. We also made a pact to try to lose some pounds before Bora, so that we can have Bora worthy bodies when the time comes. Haha! First step: no more softdrinks!

Our Tagaytay dinner at Leslie's last Friday didn't help one bit though. We had Kare-Kare and 2 whole buttered garlic crabs all to ourselves (well, some of the flying ants had some too). The moon was full and the sky was clear, perfect mood for eating out under the starts... and eat we did.
"...maybe you don't need to be at the top of your class to be great at what your course makes you out to be... maybe you just need to be yourself to be great at whatever you choose to do.."

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