Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Waiting for dinner

Why is "service" in the food sector bad in the Philippines? It's because Filipinos are more inclined to settle with what they have than to be confrontational. When we get Coke instead of the Sprite we ordered, we settle for Coke. When we get a chicken leg instead of a chicken breast, we settle...

I never really understood it. Well, actually I don't want to understand it. I want to change it. Because until people stop settling for bad service, we will never get anything better.

I mean you don't have to be rude to get what you asked for. You can say it in a nice way. And if the waiter or waitress is being a bitch, then call the manager. :D

Filipinos! Stop settling for bad service!

Please note, however, that in the photo, we are just waiting for our food at Max's SM Batangas, which is actually one of the few restaurants in SM Batangas that have fairly good service. Starbucks always has great service. Had really bad service at Greenwich and Flavors of China, but the latter has been improving...

I was at Gerry's Grille with my family one time, and I ordered a Melon Shake. When I was brought a Watermelon Shake, I told them I has specifically ordered a Melon Shake and not a Watermelon Shake. Guess what the waiter told me: "Sir, try nyo na lang po Watermelon, masarap naman..."


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