Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Weird Things About Me

There's so many I don't know where to start? Haha.Actually, I don't really know what IS weird about me? I don't think there's any. Do you?

If I blog weird things about myself, that would be saying that I have compared myself to the NORMAL and found myself to be ABNORMAL...hmm...

...but what IS normal? Are YOU normal? What IS the boundary of normalcy?For example, are people who sing in public considered weird? What if you're in the privacy of your home...but there are guests? What if you sing in the gym? (Last week, there was this guy at the gym with headphones on singing "I'm all out of love..." in full voice, mind you...) What if I sing really well, am I still weird?

Well, this first one is more of unique than weird really. I'm a singing engineer. Weird because there's not a lot of licensed Mechanical Engineers who would sing the way I do (or did in college). See, I was part of a choir. And I'm damn well proud of it. The University of the Philippines Concert Chorus.

I think it is weird because while my classmates were studying about Thermodynamics, I was feeling the heat transfer from the stage lights and the flash bulbs; while they were studying Fluid Dynamics, I was studying music dynamics (forte! fortissimo!); while they were taking apart the pieces of an internal combustion engine, I was putting together music pieces for the evening's practice...

wanna see a weird thing? check out our youtube vid, unscripted! this was supposed to be a farewell song for a group of friends from the US... (I'm doing the solo!)

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