Thursday, March 27, 2008

American Idol Top 10 Results

Chikezie, my #10 on the list, is gone, gone, gone...

He's the first to be kicked out of the Top 10. Not to worry though, 'coz he will be on the Idol Tour. :p
The others in the Bottom 3 were Syesha (who kind of looks like Gingga, a friend of mine) and Jason Castro. Syesha has been in the Bottom 3 once before, meaning her chances of NOT getting past Top 9 just increased hundredfold, unless of course, she turns in a mind blowing performance next week.

It's Jason's first time in the bottom 3. I think people are beginning to get bored with him. Maybe he should straighten his hair or something. Haha!

Anyway, another week, another results show.

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