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American Idol 10 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin auditions and reviews

Judging the Judges

Steven Tyler is hilarious in this episode of AI. And Jennifer Lopez seemed to be getting the hang of turning people down. Although I must say, I am kind of beginning to miss Simon Cowell just a little bit.

My recommendation remains - they should disagree more. Or at least show them really try and make a case for or against an audition. Right now it just seems too easy - bring in a good singer who goes through then bring in really terrible singers that get turned down.  I'd love to see more on the fence type of people and one of them really making a case for him/her...

American Idol 10: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Auditions

Chris Medina's back story took center stage

  • Opening the show, Scotty McCreery's deep baritone doesn't match his face, but his voice is awesome. I don't see him as a country crossover artist just yet, but I'll give him a chance. He's very old school country music which could be a bad thing for him in American Idol. But you find yourself kinda rooting for him too.
  • Communications student Joe Repka killed Billy Joel's "The Longest Time" - not in a good way. But he was OK about it. No, he did not get a golden ticket.
  • Colorado's Emma Henry had a lovely voice that sounded so fragile it seemed like it would break - almost going off key but really staying on. I would have said "no" to her simply because I think she would do better in a few year's time.  
  • Naima Adedapo looked the part, she's got a good solid voice, and she could really sing. Yes for me. 
  • Jerome Bell the Wedding Singer, he started out all over the place really sharp, but when he got into the "Let's get it on" line, it got better. Steven Tyler, I saw, was particularly taken with this guy's falsetto. Haha. 
  • 15-year-old Fil-Am Thia Megia had a very dynamic voice going from full and strong then sweet. Apparently she also joined America's Got Talent when she was 14 (remember Archie?) still sporting braces.
  • I loved how Mason Wilkinson made the judges wait for forever for his audition. Then was really terrible. :p
  • Harvard University graduate - White House intern Molly Swenson got punched in the face by Randy Jackson and got a golden ticket in return. Haha! But her voice was actually good.
  • Tiwan Strong sounded like a generic singer, I didn't hear anything special about his voice. But that girl he was with that got leg cramps while they were celebrating his getting a golden ticket was hilarious!
  • CPA / Wedding singer and part time giant Steve Beghun sang his high notes into the judges hearts
  • Vernika Patterson sang all over the place then bitched her way out complaining he didn't get through because she's not skinny enough. Err. 
  • Scott Dangerfield the soulful white swagger. He sounded a little bit like Justin Timberlake and reminds me a little bit of Jason Castro. Good audition!
  • Green Bay Packers fan Megan Frazier is an awesome young Soprano but she's misguided. Sheesh! An opera version of Justin Bieber's "Baby"? It could have been her "secret weapon" instead.
  • Rocker girl Alyson Jados tore up "Come Together" by the Beatles. I liked it.
  • Chris Medina's stirring back story was put front and center - his fiancée Juliana Ramos got into an accident a mere 2 months before they were set to wed in 2009. The damage to her brain left her in a wheelchair. Chris closed the auditions with a wonderful rendition of "Breakeven" by The Script, which would have gotten him right past the judges as well.
53 got through from Milwaukee. That makes a total of 141 from only 3 cities! That's a lot of golden tickets right there. Tomorrow it's Nashville, Tennesee!

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