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American Idol 10: Top 40 and the Final day of Hollywood Auditions

It's the final day of the Hollywood auditions and the last day before the contestants' fate are handed over to America. One hundred contestants remained - this number brought down to less than half by the end of the episode. Next week it will be down to 24 and then down to the 12 finalists. Excited much?

Who's through to the next round? And who do you see doing well for the rest of the season?

Who's your favorite so far?

Watch out for these people in next week's episode when they will take on songs from the Beatles. Have you chosen your Top 24 yet? Who's on top of your list? Here are my notes from tonight's final Hollywood Week episode...

(in alphabetical order!)
  • Alex Ryan, 17 years old, Home: Glen Rock, NJ, Audition: New Jersey - Who is this guy? They've focused too much on too few people, so if you don't see this guy get featured next week, he's probably a goner.
  • Ashthon Jones, 24 years old, Home: Nashville, TN, Audition: Nashville - We saw her sing "And I am Telling You" far too slow for my taste. This song, popularized by two Jennifers, both of which have really strong voices, is meant to be sung with dramatic flair. I don't think her voice and her presence was big enough for this song. Anyway, she did get through - I'm hoping she chooses a more mellow song next time, something that would showcase her voice and now overshadow it.
  • Brett Loewenstern, 16 years old, Home: Boca Raton, FL, Audition: New Orleans - I'm really not a fan. He played an acoustic guitar for his solo. Odd. It did not jive with his character and his voice. I just thought it was awkward.
  • Brittany Mazur, 21 years old, Home: Tucson, AZ, Audition: San Francisco - Nope. Haven't seen her yet.
  • Casey Abrams, 19 years old, Home: Idyllwild, CA, Audition: Austin - Oh, man. This is guy already a star. Except that he's not exactly camera ready. Maybe that can be helped. Let's hope for his sake that he cleans up well. But talent wise, he is simply the best guy this season.
  • Chris Medina, 26 years old, Home: Oak Forest, IL, Audition: Milwaukee - He sang "My Prerogative". We heard parts of it. The un-exciting ones. Well, let's hope for his sake those WERE the unexciting ones.
  • Clint Jun Gamboa, 26 years old, Home: Long Beach, CA, Audition: San Francisco - So I was told Clint is also a Fil-Am like Thia Megia. He sang a drag queen version of "Georgia" complete with shrieks. This is all Adam Lambert's fault. Damn you Adam Lambert!
  • Colton Dixon, 18 years old, Home: Murfreesboro, TN, Audition: Nashville - Colton can play the piano while singing and looking like Dr. Jekyll in that flop of a movie called "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". I guess that counts for something right? Lol. He did fine.
  • DeAndre Brackensick, 15 years old, Home: San Jose, CA, Audition: San Francisco - I vaguely remember hearing him sing in yesterday's group auditions and thought he was kinda good. Was that him who did that falsetto where he shifted really effortlessly and continued with a smooth R&B sound? Anyway, I do like his hair. 
  • Erin Kelly, 20 years old, Home: Bradenton, FL, Audition: New Orleans - Nope, don't know her either.
  • Haley Reinhart, 18 years old, Home: Milwaukee, WI, Audition: Milwaukee - Hailey was first to sing in the solo round, and my goodness, I did not understand A WORD of what she sang. Was she really singing in English? Holy guacamole. 
  • Hollie Cavanagh, 17 years old, Home: McKinney, TX, Audition: Austin - We didn't see Miley, I mean Hollie in this episode, but I do remember she had a good voice, an open and warm sound.
  • Jacee Badeaux, 15 years old, Home: Lafayette, LA, Audition: New Orleans - Early fans of Jacee may be thinking twice at this stage. His voice is simply too young, too raw for this. He has no depth at all. :/
  • Jackie Wilson, 28 years old, Home: Nashville, TN, Audition: Nashville - Don't remember her. Hmmm.
  • Jacob Lusk, 23 years old, Home: Compton, CA, Audition: Los Angeles - And after Clint, another amazing drag queen solo. Amazing talent, yes. But maybe channel a little bit more Stevie Wonder than Chaka Kahn next time? I do like it a lot when he goes down to his low register. 
  • James Durbin, 21 years old, Home: Santa Cruz, CA, Audition: San Francisco - Adam, I mean James should sing another shriek-fest next week. But wait, it's Beatles week. Uh oh. Good luck buddy.
  • Jerome Bell, 27 years old, Home: New York, NY, Audition: Milwaukee
  • Jessica Cunningham, 24 years old, Home: Bethpage, NY/Portland, ME, Audition: New Jersey
  • Jimmie Allen, 24 years old, Home: Lewes Beach, DE, Audition: Nashville
  • John Wayne Schulz, 22 years old, Home: Kenedy, TX, Audition: Austin - Just keep staying to yourself John Wayne, choose some more exciting country tunes, more romantic ones too that would melt hearts all over. That's the strategy he should take.
  • Jordan Dorsey, 21 years old, Home: Laplace, LA, Audition: New Orleans -  Are Jordan Douchebag, I mean Dorsey and Jerome Bell twins?
  • Jovany Barreto, 22 years old, Home: Harvey, LA, Audition: New Orleans
  • Julie Zorrillo, 19 years old, Home: Los Angeles, CA, Audition: San Francisco
  • Karen Rodriguez, 21 years old, Home: New York, NY, Audition: MySpace
  • Kendra Campbell, 21 years old, Home: Nashville, TN, Audition: Nashville - Kendra sang a sexified version of "Georgia" which got a nod from the judges and me too. 
  • Lakeisha Lewis, 23 years old, Home: Los Angeles, CA, Audition: Los Angeles
  • Lauren Alaina, 15 years old, Home: Rossville, GA, Audition: Nashville - Oh please. Give it a rest already. They are building her up to fall. I don't think she is getting "votes" for milking her supposed connection with Steven Tyler for all it's worth. Plus she over-sang "I don't Wanna Miss a Thing". 
  • Lauren Turner, 24 years old, Home: Slidell, LA, Audition: New Orleans
  • Naima Adedapo, 25 years old, Home: Milwaukee, WI, Audition: Milwaukee - We also did not see her in this episode, but she's been doing really well so far, I'm interested to see her again.
  • Paul McDonald, 25 years old, Home: Huntsville, AL, Audition: Nashville
  • Pia Toscano, 21 years old, Home: Queens, NY, Audition: New Jersey
  • Rachel Zevita, 21 years old, Home: New York, NY, Audition: New Jersey
  • Robbie Rosen, 16 years old, Home: Merrick, Long Island, NY, Audition: New Jersey
  • Scott McCreery, 16 years old, Home: Garner, NC, Audition: Milwaukee - He lost his lyrics and fumbled his solo. The only thing going for him is his amazing voice and he knows it. He better step it up and fast!
  • Stefano Langone, 21 years old, Home: Kent, WA, Audition: San Francisco - I predict he'll make it to the finals. He's playing the game well and he's got enough going for him to at least make it to Top 12.
  • Ta-tynisa Wilson, 20 years old, Home: Aurora, IL, Audition: Milwaukee - How she got through after forgetting the lyrics to her song is beyond me. It seemed like she had a good voice, but if you're going to forget the lyrics, can you at least forget the lyrics "on key"?
  • Thia Megia, 15 years old, Home: Mountain House, CA, Audition: Milwaukee - She sang "What a Wonderful World" and sounded really really old. I mean she's 15 years old for crying out loud! Couldn't she have chosen something less geriatric? I do remember she sang a more current tune during her Milwaukee auditions, she should stick to songs that both showcase her voice's texture and power, but also in keeping with her age.
  • Tim Halperin, 23 years old, Home: Fort Worth, TX, Audition: MySpace - Another new face. 
  • Tiwan Strong, 28 years old, Home: Racine, WI, Audition: Milwaukee - Maybe we'll see him next week.

A few people featured in tonight's episode and we saw get through but according to Joe's Place Blog, did not get in Top 40:

  • Carson Higgins, 22 years old, Home: Malibu, CA, Audition: Los Angeles - Based on the voice alone, a NO for me.
  • Ashley Sullivan, 25 years old, Home: Belchertown, MA, Audition: New Jersey - She freaked out on stage, lost the words to her song, and just lost any potential jobs in the entertainment industry that might have already been taken by her crazy energy.  How she eventually got through, I have no idea. But if ONLY she can get herself together and channel that craziness into something funny and entertaining, as opposed to painful...

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