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American Idol 10: Ranking the Top 11 for Elton John Week

It's Elton John Week

This week  the Top 11 are singing the songs of Flashy and Spunky Elton John.  Jimmy Iovine is definitely proving his worth. Giving the contestants wonderful guidance for their performances. The judges are also getting the hang of it, giving better reviews and better albeit incoherent advice to the contestants. ;) Even Steven Tyler is getting a bit more sense. Haha.

Here are my reviews of their performances. Don't forget to choose your bottom two in the poll at the end of this post!

American Idol 10: Top 11 Elton John Week Reviews

Scotty McCreery - "Country Comfort" - Sing - smiletotheright - sing - smiletotheright - sing - Maybe he should have sat done with that guitar? I don't know, maybe because I'm not a huge fan

Naima Adedapo - "I'm Still Standing" with a reggae beat - I kinda enjoyed it! When Jennifer said she didn't think it was a song meant for a "reggae"-zified version, I was like - what? I've never heard that song before and I thought it was really was a reggae song. Hahaha. It reminded me of "Jamaican In New York" and how I thought the "Englishman In New York" was the remake. Hahaha!

Paul McDonald - "Rocket Man" - For some reason Paul was out of tune for most of that song I didn't even understand the melody. At least he stuck with the guitar instead of walk-stumbling with just a microphone.

Pia Toscano - "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" - Whooops, another ballad, and even though she sang it really well, I still think it wasn't good enough for a diva. Was it because she was kind of stiff while she was singing? She didn't move around so much? She didn't really do anything we haven't seen from other singers on the show? I don't know. But I'm kind of getting bored with her now.

Stefano Langone - "Tiny Dancer" - Stefano's voice is really tiny, and so he's singing this song. Haha. I think it's his rule to sing a high C ever week. Every time he went up to that C, it was just so effortless I'm envious now. Especially now that I

Lauren Alaina - "Candle in the Wind" - Lauren, i think, benefits a lot from the Jimmy Iovine coaching - she's no longer doing those overly crazy runs at the end - I was almost sure she was going to add them at the end of her song - good thing she didn't. It was a great song, it fit her range, her voice well.

James Durbin - "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" - Whoa! James rocked the house! And burned a piano! His performance was exciting to say the least. He didn't do so much shrieking which was a good thing. And for some reason, I think his voice is actually more "stable" than Adam Lambert's.

Thia Megia - "Daniel" - Thia's voice was beautiful in this song - I don't agree with Randy that it was not good, I thought it brought the texture of her voice out. I did not like that part where she went to her falsetto - it was weird because she had  very thin falsetto but a very big voice and so it was almost alien sounding from her. Maybe it was how she held the mic that's why it wasn't amplified appropriately? In general, I liked her performance, but the song's climax left me wanting.

Casey Abrams - "Your Song" - This song reminds me of Moulin Rogue. I would say the song was already one of the most beautiful Elton John songs and so Casey singing it well was not, I would say, very difficult. The save was just overly emphasized, ugh. Casey is turning out to be not really the best vocalist of the bunch. He's still interesting though - maybe he should bring out his harmonica next week.

Jacob Lusk - "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" - A held back version by Jacob left the judges wanting, and left me bored. I mean that song was an awesome song, very emotional, and yes - it is meant to be sung in a held back way. Like sorry seems to be the hardest word, right?

Haley Reinhart - "Bennie and the Jets" - Closing the show, Haley slurred her way through the verses, then hit her stride in the chorus. Good thing the lyrics were just repeated words her slurring didn't matter so much. :p She nailed it, opening up to the crowd, more confident and with excellent vocals.

Who will be eliminated tomorrow?

My bottom 3 are: 
- Paul McDonald
- Thia Megia
- Naima Adedapo

I chose them because I think they are who America wants to go, unfortunately. And I think Naima and Thia will be going home. Sorry guys. Also right now, my Top 3 are Lauren, Casey and Stefano. Who's your bottom 2?

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