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American Idol 10: Ranking the Top 12 Guys Performances

American Idol 10: The Top 12 Guys Performances and Reviews

The Top 12 Guys performed for the first time tonight (last night!) on the new and improved American Idol stage - I watched the videos on, they compiled videos on YouTube. :D Here's what I have to say about (most) of them...

  • Clint Jun Gamboa opened the show with "Superstition" hitting those high notes right on point, and creating the sort of nerdy boy next door artist/drag queen vibe. Well in fairness, he seemed less of a drag queen this time around. He has a good voice, but I'm not sure that's enough to carry him through. What I think he should do is to go over the top - think Prince for example. That might work. Or not. 
  • Cheese filled and with cheese on top, I wonder if Jovany Barreto knew that song, "I'll Be" became a Philippine anthem at one point in time? Hahaha... I can imagine how difficult it must be for him right now, to go down because of a bad BAD bad song choice. I mean, he was given the choice to sing whatever the freaking song he wants to sing and he chose that one?
  • It was just painful to watch Jordan Dorsey go through Usher's "OMG". I mean, omg dude, it was one weird thing after another. First he sings and his low register is hardly audible. Then he takes his shirt off (why?) then proceeds to sing a trying hard version of "OMG". Then his embellished ending simply killed me. Ugh. Dude.
  • Tim Halperin began his song overshooting the notes - "Each MORning.... I WAKE up...." :/ I felt bad, he had one of the most "current" sounding voices in the gentlemen's group. I was actually rooting for him. I wish he played the piano while singing, I think he would sound better if he did. He just seemed so nervous doing his song.
  • Next up was Brett Loewenstern singing "Light My Fire". I refuse to review his performance. 
  • James Durbin sang "You've Got Another Thing Comin'". Unfortunately for James, everything that he will do vocally will no longer be called "original" on the Idol stage because of, well, Adam Lambert. It was good for the auditions, but not anymore for the finals. He now needs to show that he's no second rate Adam Lambert. So even though that was good, James, you have to make yourself DIFFERENT FROM ADAM LAMBERT.
  • "Angel" by Robbie Rosen was a big question mark for me. ? . First, the arrangement was all over the place, I couldn't even distinguish where the measures ended. He went on all these runs and twists and turns with the melody I hardly even recognized the song. Then when he ended with that falsetto - "...heeeeeeheee heeeeeree..." ... oh no. I couldn't help but cringe.
  • Country singer Scotty McCreery crooned "Letters from Home" - he was effective, gave the people a lot of what they liked about him, his deep low voice. When he did that high part in the end, I was caught off guard. Good job Scotty.
  • Last week, I ranked Stefano Langone 2nd to Casey among the guys, this week, he showed why, singing "Just the Way You Are" but with a different accent than Bruno Mars. He could have done without that falsetto "...the way you ARE..." it kind of overshot a little (and you could actually see Jennifer Lopez was surprised by it). I mean, it's already a high song. C'mon. Don't overdo it man.
  • Jacob Lusk performed a toned down version of "House is not a Home" by Luther Vandross and he nailed it (save for every time he wen't down to "Home" he was always sharp err). I'm glad he didn't do all of those crazy diva sh*t though. Good job. Classy. But to compare him to Luther? I think that's over doing it. :p
  • Casey Abrams says "I Put A Spell On You" ... on ALL of you! Haha! I think at this point in time in the competition, we are all looking forward to what Casey will do next. He has proven his skills and versatility early on in the competition, and now people are just waiting for his show. No he's not very commercial looking, and one would even wonder if he can even sell. But his talent is huge, no doubt about it. He just needs to keep this up, twist it around, crack a few jokes and just live it up on that Idol stage up to the finals.
  • I think Paul McDonald should be fronting a band. He looks really awkward singing on that big stage by himself. But having said that, his sound is really current. I hope he gets up to at least the Top 5 so that he could have enough fans to be successful as a band frontman. :)

Who goes in the Top 12?

Here is my ranking of the Top 12 Guys. Only the Top 5 will be going through - with 2 wild card choices from the 2 judges...

  1. Casey Abrams, 21 years old, Home: Kent, WA, Audition: San Francisco
  2. James Durbin, 21 years old, Home: Santa Cruz, CA, Audition: San Francisco
  3. Scott McCreery, 16 years old, Home: Garner, NC, Audition: Milwaukee
  4. Jacob Lusk, 23 years old, Home: Compton, CA, Audition: Los Angeles
  5. Stefano Langone, 21 years old, Home: Kent, WA, Audition: San Francisco
  6. Paul McDonald, 25 years old, Home: Huntsville, AL, Audition: Nashville
  7. Clint Jun Gamboa, 26 years old, Home: Long Beach, CA, Audition: San Francisco
  8. Tim Halperin, 23 years old, Home: Fort Worth, TX, Audition: MySpace
  9. Jordan Dorsey, 21 years old, Home: Laplace, LA, Audition: New Orleans
  10. Robbie Rosen, 16 years old, Home: Merrick, Long Island, NY, Audition: New Jersey
  11. Jovany Barreto, 22 years old, Home: Harvey, LA, Audition: New Orleans
  12. Brett Loewenstern, 16 years old, Home: Boca Raton, FL, Audition: New Orleans

Find out tomorrow who makes it to the American Idol Top 12!

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