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American Idol Season 10: The Top 11 Reviews and Ranking

In one of the most crucial weeks in the finals competition, the survivors of this week's Motown-themed contest will be going on American Idol's Top 10 Summer Tour.

Judging the Judges

The judges were fine tonight - they've kind of grown on me already - although I do find myself not really caring so much about what they think haha - not like the way I wanted to hear what Simon thought after every performance. Oh well. Makes me think about X-Factor, hmm...will you be watching it?

  • Casey Abrams - "Heard It Through The Grapevine" - He opened the show with bang! His straightened hair looked odd, but it looked better than his usual crazy do. He's lost a little bit if his charm since the Season auditions though. Has he got more tricks up his sleeve? 
  • Thia Megia, "Heat Wave" - Pretty and petite 16 year old Thia started really fun and high energy on Heat Wave, but somewhere in the middle of the song you kind of begin wanted to see more. She sang the repeat mostly the same - keep that as a rule folks, especially when you're singing live, never sing 2 verses exactly the same way. All in all, she did much better than she had been doing in the past weeks, but she needs to come out of her shell more.
  • Jacob Lusk - "You're All I Need to Get By" - Jacob's problem is he doesn't have good control when he hits his stride - and that's where it counts. This time around though, he chose a song that did not have to go to the high heavens and it worked well for him. (Except for the beginning where he was a tad bit sharp). Still, Jacob should work on his stability. 
  • Lauren Alaina - "You Keep Me Hangin' On" - I wished that song had some sort of choreography - I felt it was missing something and maybe that was it - I mean the song is great although a bit repetitive, and so it would be more interesting with 
  • Stefano Langone - "Hello" - Last week, Stefano sang a high C. This week, he again sang a high C. What? Hahaha... That sustained "you" in "I Love you..." is a high C. Props to you. The judges said he did not connect with the song. I would disagree and say he did fine with it. Maybe he should have started with a whisper, or had chosen a lower key. It's more difficult to sing "emotional" when you're hitting that high in a "controlled" way haha. 
  • Haley Reinhart - "You Really Got a Hold On Me" - Wow! Those runs were awesome! I forgot for a moment that she was still slurring. But I also did see how the judges thought she was not connecting. Her stage presence was just not there - she was singing and gesturing to herself and not to the audience. She should sing to the audience - something I realize now, Lauren does so well.
  • Scotty McCreery - "For Once In My Life" - AI probably expected Scotty to do badly this week, it being Motown and all and so they showed him shooting a basketball from a balcony. Haha. The judges were also all praises for him, conveniently looking over his sharp notes towards the end of the song. Fine, he did Okay. 
  • Pia Toscano, "All In Love Is Fair" - A high F# and a sustained Do# later, it makes me wonder if Pia will have a career after American Idol. Is there room for a new diva in Hollywood coming from American Idol? What makes her different? What makes her stand out? Oh, and her eyebrows bother me a little.
  • Paul McDonald - "Tracks of My Tears" -  What is wrong with his hair? Thanks for giving him a guitar and a mic stand so he didn't need to do that awkward dance. His song was really, shall we say, not suited for his voice. He never hit that Sol for "smile" it was just ugh.. lift it up a bit more. I can imagine his recording would sound much better than that live version.
  • Naima Adedapo - "Dancing In The Street" - After last week's bottom 3 scare, Naima brought it all this week, the African dancing, the Do# ("...just as LONG as you are there..."), singing to her limit - you could almost hear her straining to sing all those high notes, but she pulled it through. 
  • James Durbin - "Living For The City" - James really hits those high notes with such precision it's almost amazing. If only Adam did not come before him, he'd be awesome. :p 

American Idol 10 Top 11 - Who's going home?

Tomorrow, Jennifer Hudson and Sugarland are performing! But who's going home? All of them actually did pretty good tonight. But someone still has to go right? My bottom three are...

  1. Paul McDonald
  2. Haley Reinhart
  3. Thia Megia

And I'm thinking Haley will be going tomorrow. Aw.

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