Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 6 sing Carol King's Songbook

There was something about the show tonight that just left me, I don't know, kind of bored. I think Carol King's songs are wonderful and she sings them with such truth and sincerity, she makes you believe. Very few of the performances did that for me tonight....

American Idol 10: Top 6 Performance Reviews - the Music of Carol King

Jacob Lusk is in trouble. Granted we've seen him soar through beautifully on some songs this season, but with his lack of control - sharps and flats all around - I was certain he was going to get booted off sooner or later. Singing "On No Not My Baby", Jacob failed to impress me despite his sustain high notes. We've seen him do that before. Next!

Lauren Alaina was up next, singing "Where You Lead" with a confidence we have not seen since the audition round. Somehow, somewhere along the way she lost herself - manifesting even in her singing.  She was scared to hit those big notes because she was afraid of failing at them when other contestants were hitting them week in and week out. She should unleash her inner diva and just go for it.

Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart, moved the earth with an epic rendition of "I Feel the Earth Move", and actually did better in the duet than on their solos. They did so much better on "Moanin' " though which they sang during the Top 8 Results show - catching everyone by surprise and giving probably American Idol's best duet on the show EVER. Not convinced?

Scotty McCreery showcased his middle register in a heartfelt "You've Got A Friend". The song sounded surprisingly good as a country song it was almost beautiful, but then I kinda lost the melody somewhere in the middle and found myself wondering what song he singing anyway. :p

James Durbin began acapella on "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" which I actually liked. The audience was rudely interrupting the supposed silence with jeers and cheers that when the music kicked in, the moment had not happened yet. :p I would say I enjoyed the song, it was kind of odd for James to singing it, but it was OK for me except for the last 2 horrible notes. Did his performance merit a hug from Randy Jackson? I think not.

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery sang a weird and boring song "Up On the Roof" - the arrangement did nothing for either of them. Plus, they've been paired up twice before and so people were just expecting a little bit more than what they showed.

Casey Abrams growled "Hi-de-ho" and tried to pass it off as a vocal performance. Sorry dude, as talented I think you are, I never liked the pretentious bluesy rocker whatever persona. I thought it was silly.

Haley Reinhart sang "Beautiful" after a glitch almost gave her a false start. She sang it well with her usual flair and disconnected demeanor. But I'll give it to Haley. She's escaped elimination so many time you almost want to root for her to win and prove everyone wrong.

James Durbin and Jacob Lusk sang "I'm Into Something Good" which was not good at all. Whatever song they choose would be disastrous - their voices have no middle ground I cannot fathom why they would be put together. Gah.

Who's going home? Top 6 Elimination Results tomorrow

My predictions for the Bottom 3? Jacob Lusk, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart. And if America is still in its right mind (lol, overly dramatic eh?) they will boot Jacob Lusk off this darned show. :p I said now!

Who are your bets to reach the final 2?

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