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American Idol 10: Top 7 "Songs of the 21st Century" Reviews

American Idol 10: Top 7 "Songs of the 21st Century" Reviews

The show opened with a lookback at th auditions of the Top 7 - the faces in the crowd who are now "stars in the making" - well, a few of them are already bonafide stars whatever happens. Don't you agree?

Top 7 theme is "Music from the 21st Century" - that's a whole lot of current and very popular songs to choose from. But before the contestants, the eliminated contestants sang a cringe worthy version of Pink's "So What" - I mean, did they really have to put Paul in that group of ladies? It was just really bad. Gah. Anyway, on to the performance reviews!

Scotty McCreery - "Swingin' " by Leann Rimes - This seventeen year old singing about swingin' with his girl on the front porch while the girl's family was inside the house. Ehem. He sang it well, actually, entertaining and light. I think he will be safe next week despite the review he received from the judges.

James Durbin - "Uprising" by Muse - Wow, with a marching band? How is it that he gets all these extra stuff, effects, and all that? I thought the song is great, but he did NOT sing it well at all. Best performance of the night? He sang the octave to the chorus well the first time, but he was out of tune the second time eh? Every time he sings that "victorious" line, he wasn't right on key, he was a little bit flat.

Haley Reinhart - "Rollin' in the Deep" by Adele - I heard Adele wrote this song after she broke up with her boyfriend. All that anguish and anger just beneath the surface of this mid-tempo song. Haley, unfortunately did not nail this song. She went sharp every time she did the "rollin' in the deep" line on that shift to the falsetto. I also wished she sang with more passion, more heartache. Having said all that though, her voice was soaring during those sustained notes, again showing she could sing.

Jacob Lusk - "Dance With My Father" by Luther Vandross - Black man Diva chose a very emotional song for Top 7, he needs it after doing poorly in the past few weeks. Guess what? I actually like it. He sang it with passion and pure emotion, and despite an almost false start, he pulled it back and had great control over his vocals even through the modulation (where he usually stumbles). Good job Jacob.

Casey Abrams - "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5 - Looking like he was playing out of his garage, and showing he wasn't really powerful vocally (he botched a lot of notes there) but that he was the most versatile and most entertaining of the Top 7. Again endearing him to the public - he kissed Jennifer Lopez on the cheek! What can I say? He got a million more votes just because he is now the hero of so many American Idol geeks.

Stefano Langone - "Closer" by Ne-yo - It was weird to see Stefano trying to have a swagger, it's JUST NOT HIM. (Hold on, I just noticed Randy Jackson was wearing a shirt that looked like he had a baby's bib on). Back to Stefano... he sang it quite well, a few forgivable botched notes, a solid sustained big note, but his get-up and choreography on that threw me off.

Lauren Alaina - "Born to Fly" by Sara Evans - An upbeat country song failed to lift her status for me, if she keeps up this loser mentality then she will lose America's confidence as well. Nobody likes to vote for a loser. :p She needs to step it up!

American Idol 10 - Who will make it to the Finals?

The best performance of the bunch for me was Jacob, Casey, and Scotty. However, I predict that Stefano, Haley and Jacob will be in the bottom 3. Haley might be going home tomorrow.

Tomorrow's guests - David Cook and Katy Perry!

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