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American Idol 10: Top 3 Performances and Reviews

American Idol 10: Top 3 Performances and Reviews

Tonight, the American Idol Season 10 Top 3 contestants: Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery and Haley Reinhart will battle it out singing 3 songs each on stage for a spot at the Finale next week at the Nokia Theater. Also featured tonight - the traditional Top 3 Rock Star Homecoming. It will be awesome.

Who will make it to the Finale? Odds are in Scotty's favor - although some would say he might be in competition with Lauren Alaina for the Country Music fan vote. Then again, people might see a Scotty-Lauren pairing at the Finale better than a Scotty-Haley pairing, what with the several duets they've done on the show.

There is still a slim chance that Scotty might be dropped and Haley and Lauren will girl-fight it out in the Finale. Who knows, right? It will depend heavily on how they will perform tonight.

Here goes my Performance Reviews for the Top 3...

Top 3 Scotty McCreery

Song #1 "Amazed" - I was surprised at how good it was vocally - I'm not convinced it was great performance wise, especially with that denim jacket (right?), but his voice was solid and warm and sincere. Again, I said this before - this guy is already a Country star whether he wins this or not.

Song #2 "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?" - Dude, the thing with the eye at the end? Not cool. But the singing was OK. His stance was awkward, and he looked like he was holding the guitar the wrong way haha. He kind of looked like the dorky high school kid who always volunteers for talent shows. His singing saved him haha.

Song #3 "She Believe's In Me" - This is an amazingly cheesy song that if you sing insincerely will just crumble into corniness. It didn't. It was almost sad in its sincerity. Except for a few botched notes, it was a moment right there. Shall we say he's.... "in it to win it" or whatever. Haha.

Top 3 Lauren Alaina

Song #1 "Wild One" - Err. I didn't like how the judges sort of talked all around and did not really critique the song. I also didn't like how the song was really repetitive, the chorus was repeated like 19 times! :p

Song #2 "If I Die Young" - Did she mess it up? Was she sharp in that one part? Did she miss that modulation? Yes. Yes. Yes. Too bad because she did so well in the beginning of the song. It was a great song for her voice. It's amazing how Jimmy Iovine chooses these songs. In any case, I think she just lost her ticket to the finals. :p

Song #3 "I Hope You Dance" - Lauren sang this wonderfully but for some reason it was kind of mechanical. I do get it when the judges say she has a nice tone, very rich and warm, but I think she lacks the maturity to feel that song in her gut. From the first line of that song, "I hope you never lose your sense of wonder..." it didn't feel sincere. She could have internalized it more, I think. 

Top 3 Haley Reinhart

Song #1 "What Is and What Should Never Be" - Whoa! Haley tripped on the stairs and fell flat on the Idol stage - then she got back up and won American Idol. Oh, haha, I mean well, I think she just got get ticket to the finals. Reminds me of Filipino beauty queen who slipped and fell during the Miss Universe pageant who went on to snatch a runner-up spot.

Song #2 "Rhiannon" - I have never heard this song before but it was awesome haha. Very eerie, dramatic and theatrical it was like watching a music video. I think it was just perfect for this stage in the competition. I'm disappointed that while theatrical performances like that always get high marks for James Durbin, Haley did not get any love. :p

Song #3 "You Oughta Know" - Aw, Alanis Morissette's signature angry girl song is not really meant for the Idol stage. :/ It's supposed to be sung with passion and anger and hatred - that's tough to do on the Idol stage. when you're trying to appeal to a wide audience with sugary sweet wholesomeness? Gah. In any case, she messed up some of the words - but ultimately did a decent job with it. It was odd to end a show with such a hatred filled song though!

The American Idol Season 10 Finale

My picks? I think Lauren Alaina is going home tomorrow. And although it's a lousy pairing - Haley Reinhart and Scotty McCreery will be going to the Nokia Theater next week.

Don't agree? Who are YOUR choices?

Weigh in now on who you think will make it to the Finals at the Nokia Theater next week!

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  1. i'm all for Haley!!!

  2. Haley deserves the Top 2 spot... she nailed it! I hope to see her and Scotty next week for the Finals.