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American Idol 10: Top 5 "Now & Then" Week Performances & Reviews

American Idol 10: Top 5 Performances and Reviews

It is down to 5 contestants on American Idol. In 4 weeks, a new American Idol will be announced. Which once will it be?

Well, it will depend heavily on their performances tonight! Coming into this week, the Poll for "Who will make it to the Finals?" still shows James Durbin and Scotty McCreery on top. But with Scotty in the bottom 2 last week, we can't say for sure. It is definitely still anyone's game, but for the moment, it is James' game to lose...

James Durbin

Song #1 Closer to the Edge
I kind of get the reason for choosing this anthem to perform. It was a big song, almost like a finale number, perfect for the occasion, so to speak. But truth be told, I think James sang it very sloppily, it was like he was singing at the end of a long concert, he was out of breath and not at all preparing for the big notes. I've seen him sing with much more control than that.

Song #2 Without You
He started out sounding out of place, when hit that falsetto in the verse, I thought it felt corny. But when he got to the Chorus, the swell of the music and his Oscar worthy tears sounded fresh and interesting. Nothing like the original and nothing like the Mariah Carey version either. I would prefer if he gave that octave a bit more importance, like a gesture or taking the mic off the stand. But all in all it was a good show. Good Job!

Jacob Lusk

Song #1 No Air
I am thinking everyone watching probably said "Wut?" when they heard the first line of this song. I mean why would you sing a duet by yourself? It's just silly. Or I suppose he was aiming for something like "we forgot it was even a duet". Unfortunately no we didn't. It wasn't great. Heck it wasn't even good. It was like one of those "Doble Kara" performances where someone would dress up half man, half woman and sing both parts alternately. :p

Song #2 Love Hurts
Pop that hip? Hahaha. Jacob tore up this song unnecessarily. :/ Showing off how high he can sing. (That last note was F# above high C). But I think it's not really how high you CAN sing, but what the hell you can do with it. If this was a singing competition, he probably has a chance. :p

Lauren Alaina

Song #1 Flat on the Floor
It was like watching your favorite cousin do really well on a school production. Yay for Lauren! :p I liked the beginning, it was energetic and fun and playful. I think the violinist did outshine her a little bit there though. It was a good vocal performance for Lauren, she pushed her voice further, picking a faster paced song that required more force and more character in her voice. It worked quite well actually except that towards the end it kind of lost steam and when she ended she already look tired from all the singing. :p

Song #2 Unchained Melody
Oh no. There goes the unnecessary runs, the oversinging, the corny Lauren Alaina is back y'all. Doing everything imaginable with the song, including a sigh and grunt. Oh no. I absolutely thought it was ... not good. Where is Simon Cowell when you need him most? :p

Scotty McCreery

Song #1 Gone
Well he's gone.... gone on to win American Idol Season 10. Haha! Not quite yet. But he did show he could move on further in the competition. It was almost like he took out his best cards just at the right moment. Remember he was in the uncomfortable position of almost booted last week, so I guess he took out all the stops and chose a great fun song and a great way he can show off his skills on the mic (not the mic holding please, I thought he lost that already?)

Song #2 Always on My Mind
Smooth and sincere works best for Scotty. I actually liked the mellow laid back feel he gave to the song. But it does make you wonder - can he really sell, fill auditoriums with people, convince people he's hot? I can't say. But it seems America likes him a lot. In any case though, he's actually one of the Top 5 who I think already has a career in music after Idol wraps up.

Haley Reinhart

Song #1 You and I
An unreleased song from the Lady Gaga? Sounds like a hit, or not? But I do get why Haley would choose this song - it's a Lady Gaga song (instant interest), and it does show off her quirky side, and the vocals are awesome towards the end - a nice buildup to accolades from the judges - which unfortunately did not come. :p Not much love from me either. The song was completely unrelatable - at least for now - and it only showcased that Haley is not yet a big enough star to generate interest for a new song. She only showed America why she shouldn't win. :(

Song #2 House of the Rising Sun
Old school rock, with her signature swagger and arm toss, Haley is up again trying to prove she deserved to be in the Top 5. From the beginning she has shown she is the girl that could, always narrowly missing the boot. But she has endeared herself in this way to a lot of voters who are now still rooting for her to win. About the song? Well, I thought she did OK. :p

Who will make it to the finals on American Idol Season 10?

What can I say? It will be Jacob, Haley and Lauren at the bottom, I predict. :p Jacob will (should) go home.

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