Thursday, February 20, 2014

What do you think of the 2 Fil-Am teens on American Idol 2014?

First impressions have always been a huge factor on American Idol.  What do you think of the 2 Fil-Ams in the Top 20?  Will they get into the Top 10?

I'm very happy to share that there are 2 Filipino-American contenders still in the running to be America's next Idol.  How far do you think they will go in this year's competition following Rush Week?

We have had Fil-Ams Camile Velasco, Jasmine Trias, Ramiele Malubay, Thia Megia and Jessica Sanchez take the Idol stage in the show's past decade.  None of them have been successful, unfortunately, in getting the top spot, but Jessica Sanchez came closest with a runner-up finish to Phillip Phillips.

Will 2014 be the year we get a Fil-Am American Idol? Here's what I think...

Marrialle Sellars of Indianapolis

Marrialle's performances that I've seen so far have been entertaining but mostly vocally weak.  It is still a singing competition, hey.  Her big personality, unpredictability and potential for risky performances makes her a viable contender, but only if she shows that she can actually sing.

If Marrialle goes through to Top 10, I would advise her to choose a song that will showcase her singing first.  After that she can switch it up again.

Malaya Watson of Michigan

With a big voice and an old soul, Malaya impressed with songs like Aint No Way and Fantasia's I Believe and has now landed in the Top 20.  I think Malaya, whose name is the Filipino word for "Free" (as in Freedom), has a good voice and an endearing personality to match.

Do I think she will go into the Top 10 after singing Hard Times? Yes.

Her challenge will be how to choose songs that don't make her seem older than her age while also showing off her talents.  Being so young, there will be a tendency for her to try to do songs that have too many runs and too little heart.  Runs are not her cup of tea so I would advice her to minimize it.  But I hope she gets a good balance of showing off and meaning what she sings.  Maybe try some Amy Winehouse?  I am also looking forward to how they will make her over, imagine if she taker her braces off mid way through the season - it'll be like Malaya will be growing up right before our eyes.

Who will make it to Top 10?

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