Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol Ranking the Top 11

It's another round of Beatles songs for the Top 11. I felt it was about time I wrote about it, since I really wanted to anyway. Haha. :p So I'm watched the performances on YouTube, searched first for Filipina Ramiele Malubay, then for front runner David Archuleta. But here's my ranking of the Top 11 and in the end, my bottom 3 for tomorrow's results show...

Jason Castro - Michelle - Argh. I don't really know why they like this guy. I don't get it... Is it the geek appeal? They keep saying he's charming, but I really don't see it. All I see is a shy geeky guy with dreds who can play the guitar. It's a singing contest.

Michael Johns - A Day in the Life - This guys started out really strong on AI7, but he was kinda overshadowed by the others (maybe by David Cook). I still like his voice though, he sounds sincere. For this week, he was okay, he went flat on that falsetto, but was in-tune for the rest.

Carly Smithson - Blackbird - Bad song choice for her. The arrangement was horrendous. And she was flat for 80% of that song... I didn't like it AT ALL. Even after the whole explanation on the song, I still didn't like it. She was great last week though, and she'll probably go through, but she should stay away from songs that require restrained high notes.

Syesha Mercado - Yesterday - When she began singing the song, I was thinking, uh oh.. she started really high, then she hit that "something wrong" line, and I realized, yep, she can sing alright. She botched up some parts, but overall it was good. I think, though, that she needs to show more personality, more charm.
Chikezie - I've Just Seen A Face - Zzzz. Whoa! Country? Gah. I don't like him.

Ramiele Malubay - I Should Have Known Better - I liked seeing her dance, but she was flat in parts. Better than her last 2 performances though. But hers is a personality that you want to root for. Maybe coz she's so tiny. (Or maybe coz she's Filipino! Hehe.)

David Cook - Daytripper - I love this Beatles song, and I love the sort of rock version of it. The vocoder wasn't cool though. It was, well, weird. But the vocals I enjoyed. :D
Brooke White - Here Comes The Sun - She has a pretty voice, very textured. But she doesn't seem to have much control over her tones. I didn't like her Let It Be last week (even though she received great reviews from the judges) and this week was kind of the same, with the flats and sharps everywhere.

Amanda Overmyer - Back In The USSR - This girl has an awesome voice, but she's being too obnoxious to be crowned AI7 winner. Haha. I think Simon was right, she should shake it up a bit. Even during a concert, she can't sing all hard rock songs all night (if she plans to do that, she should insure her throat first).

Kristy Lee Cook - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Pretty girl. No connection. Unfortunately, she has been doing terribly since the Top 24 started.
David Archuleta - The Long And Winding Road - Simply put, he has a beautiful voice. Blah. I'm jealous. Haha! But this week, i found myself waiting on every word to see if he will forget the lyrics again. Check it out on youtube, he had vids there where he forgets the words of his songs.

My TOP 3

  1. David Archuleta
  2. David Cook
  3. Carly Smithson
My BOTTOM 3 predictions
  1. Kristy Lee Cook
  2. Chikezie
  3. Amanda Overmyer

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