Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - It's a whole new show!

Have you been eagerly anticipating the return of American Idol as much as I have? Well it's back on it's 10th Season and it's a whole new show!

What's new? For starters, they've lowered the age limit to 15 years old possibly in an attempt to capture the tween market that Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Disney expertly exploit...

Jimmy Oivine will be the new in house mentor for the new contestants with the intent to bring bigger and better performances as the competition gets tougher, and also priming the next American Idol well for his or her future in entertainment.

Of course, the new judges - with Simon Cowell, Ellen Degeneres and Kara Dioguardi out - it's now Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson.

Judging the Judges

How well did you think the new judges performed on the panel? I thought they were great!

Steven Tyler's funny one liners reinforced his rock star persona while introducing a new side of him to the public - one that's softer and gentler, even sort of fatherly.

"Oh my goodness gracious!" said Jennifer Lopez when she needed to turn someone down. Then getting excited like a little girl when the audition went great. She was awesome.

Steven and Jennifer's opinions and advice were fresh and interesting. I am eager to see and hear more.

New Jersey Auditions

Here are some memorable people from the New Jersey auditions:

  • First audition of the season - Rachel Zevita's voice is undeniably good but she chose a song that didn't fit her then did that high note at the end that she didn't nail properly. I thought it was actually kind of sloppy for someone with her talent.
  • Caleb Hawley blew it out but he was lacking a rock star personality.  
  • Musical Arts student Kenzie Palmer sounds so much like Katharine Mcphee don't you think?
  • Tiffany Rios 
  • OMG Ashley Sullivan is "unbridled enthusiasm - and craziness" indeed.  Her energy was infectious and even though she got down on her knees to beg (which was desperate errr) I found I was still rooting for her. She did sound surprisingly normal when she sang, with a good shifting when she went on a higher register. She did botch her last note. But it didn't matter!
  • Victoria Huggins' "Yo Yo Dawg!" got her in! Haha. I think she sounded alright, not excellent, but that a lot of young people will relate to her. Sugary sweet and almost pageantry, I wonder how she'll take being cut in Hollywood. :/
  • Melinda Ademi to me had a heart wrenching back story. When she sang though, she sounded like sort of a generic pop star. I'd say yes to her going through but I don't think she will win AI10.
  • The singing waitress Devyn Rush kinda looked to me like Lady Gaga then when she sang she reminded me of a lighter version of Amy Winehouse.
  • Yoji "Pop" Asano I just have to say... I wasn't all that interested. :p
  • How devastating is it to get throat cancer when you are a singer? I can't imagine it. However, I think Brielle Von Hugel's dad was more memorable than her. I don't think she'll last long in Hollywood.
  • Last audition of the 2nd day - Travis Orlando's family was a victim of the recession. I would have said yes too, his voice was smooth but he needs a bit more swagger.

One thing I can say though, I don't think they have found the next American Idol just yet - at least not the ones they've shown.  But 51 people got through to Hollywood from New Jersey. Tomorrow they will show auditions from New Orleans! Can't wait!

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