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American Idol 10: Austin, Texas auditions and reviews

Will the next American Idol be from Austin, Texas - again?

Judging the Judges

Season 1 winner, Kelly Clarkson was discovered in Austin, Texas and Idol returned tonight to mine for some more hidden talents.

Steven Tyler assures he will no longer say "F*ck" on camera. :) Good to know. Although we really didn't need to know that.

Randy Jackson is continuing his mean judge role which to me still is too rude. In general, I think they should talk more - say what they think more and coach the contestants a bit more. I've heard them give some advice to the contestants, they should do more of that. It helps the contestants and gives them more credibility as judges too...

In any case, I am looking forward to the Finals lineup where I will play "The 4th Judge" for the contestants alongside Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. ;) Stay tuned!

American Idol 10: Austin, Texas auditions auditions

John Wayne Schulz will win your mom over.

  • Opening the show is Corey Levoy who went in with his sister (who he didn't meet until he was 14) and sang Bonnie Rait's "I Can't Make You Love Me" like Bonnie Rait. He got through. I wouldn't have let him through. My tip for you is, if you're male and singing a song by a woman, transform the song into something almost unrecognizable, like the way David Cook sang "Always Be My Baby."
  • Hollie Cavanagh sang "At Last" and it wasn't good. They gave her a second chance and she sang "The Climb" and sorta nailed it. I honestly think she won't do well any further unless she toughens up. 
  • Rodolfo Ochoa really? Why do they let tone deaf people on this show?
  • John Wayne Schulz - Karnes City, Texas -  cowboy is about who u are inside. Family oriented.23 year old. Real cowboy. Sang "Believe" didn't really showcase a range. But he did a nice little run towards the end. Not really powerful vocally but he had a nice guy vibe which will endear him to the public. Yes.
  • Ryan Seacrest stalker and Chicken Clucker Courtney Penry sang a Sugarland song and backed it up with a huge personality. She got through. I say yes. :)
  • Shauntel Campos looked like a star and from what I heard she sang quite well too.
  • Alex Carr looked interesting but I don't remember him after the show.
  • Caleb Johnson seems like he shouted that his audition. He must've sounded better live I suppose?
  • The couple Jacquelyn Dunford and Nick Fink met in the choir and fell in love. (I can relate hahaha...) Jacqueline sang with huge strong voice - she was in control of her instrument. I also noticed how the cameraman (probably on Nigel Lythgoe's direction, shifted to a view of her from the back. Nigel!) Nick, on the other hand, hand a different, more laid back vibe. I also liked how they played with the concept of being the first "Idol" couple on the show. It'll be interesting to watch. Yes for both. 
  • Janelle Arthur had very good control on her voice. Lovely audition. :) Yes for me.
  • Seth Rogen lookalike and melodica player, Casey Abrams closed the show. I loved the way he took a note from his melodica then tore up his audition like it was nothing. He sounded really good! I liked his audition a lot. :) Yes, please.

50 contestants from Austin, Texas are on their way to Hollywood. Next stop - Los Angeles, California!

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