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American Idol 10: First Impressions - Ranking the Top 24

Judging the Judges

So here is the judges' speech - tell them they had ups and downs, good and bad parts in their Hollywood and Las Vegas auditions, there's only 24 spots, so much amazing talent, so tough to choose who will stay and who will go, then tell them they're sorry ... and that she/he got through. :p

OK fine whatever.

American Idol Top 24 First Impressions

Here's my ranking of the Top 24. Next week on Tuesday (Wednesday in the Philippines), the Top 12 Boys will sing, and on Wednesday (Thursday in the Philippines), the Top 12 Girls. Here we go...

The Top 12 Ladies

  1. Naima Adedapo, 25 years old, Home: Milwaukee, WI, Audition: Milwaukee - The lady wears her heart on her sleeve, and although I've seen her sing really well in some auditions, I'm not sure if she can cut it. I'm putting her at #1 because I think she has the look and the skills to do this.
  2. Rachel Zevita, 21 years old, Home: New York, NY, Audition: New Jersey - She has the instruments, really good voice, her technique is down, but she needs some guidance. Haha. She needs to be quirky in an interesting way, not a creepy way. She needs to not come off as arrogant, being so talented and all.
  3. Julie Zorrilla, 19 years old, Home: Los Angeles, CA, Audition: San Francisco - She's very smart in choosing her songs, she's being known as the one who always wears those nice dresses, and so although her voice is not spectacular, she's very entertaining. I think she'll do well.
  4. Lauren Alaina, 15 years old, Home: Rossville, GA, Audition: Nashville - With all the exposure granted her all throughout the audition process, it could go either way, but I do think it is more positive than negative for her.
  5. Karen Rodriguez, 21 years old, Home: New York, NY, Audition: MySpace - Very pretty Latina beauty can prove to be the front-runner soon enough. We haven't heard her singing yet.
  6. Thia Megia, 15 years old, Home: Mountain House, CA, Audition: Milwaukee - She needs to be really smart in choosing her songs - choose songs that highlight the texture of her voice and sing it with depth and  character.
  7. Pia Toscano, 21 years old, Home: Queens, NY, Audition: New Jersey - They did not show a lot of the power belting we know Pia can do. I know she can sing. But she needs to grow some eyebrows. Haha! :/
  8. Kendra Chantelle Campbell, 21 years old, Home: Nashville, TN, Audition: Nashville - For some weird reason, she reminds me of Mariah Carey - except for the voice. She's always the one singing the sexified version of the song. I'm not sure if America will like her. 
  9. Ashthon Jones, 24 years old, Home: Nashville, TN, Audition: Nashville - I think the problem with Ashthon is she needs to sound unique - which I don't remember her being yet. I mean there are so many famous singers in her mold that she needs to create a character in her voice that will make her stand out.
  10. Haley Reinhart, 18 years old, Home: Milwaukee, WI, Audition: Milwaukee - I'm not a fan of Haley. I think she eats her words when she sings. That's never good for any style singing.
  11. Lauren Turner, 15 years old, Home: Rossville, GA, Audition: Nashville - A regular powerhouse diva, big voice, big hair, but she hasn't been given a lot of screen time, so a lot rides on her giving a 
  12. Ta-tynisa Wilson, 20 years old, Home: Aurora, IL, Audition: Milwaukee - Aw, I don't think the singing is good enough. She needs to bring it on Wednesday to convince me otherwise.

The Top 12 Gentlemen

  1. Casey Abrams, 21 years old, Home: Kent, WA, Audition: San Francisco - No doubt in my mind on who the front runner is for the guys and for this whole Season 10. I know he doesn't look the part (at all) but he's funny so it's balanced out, and he can sing.
  2. Stefano Langone, 21 years old, Home: Kent, WA, Audition: San Francisco -  He has a good voice and a young, non threatening look about it that will endear him to moms and grandmoms all around America. :) 
  3. James Durbin, 21 years old, Home: Santa Cruz, CA, Audition: San Francisco - Fine fine, his cringe worthy performances are lauded and praised by the judges every single time. I don't get it. But seeing Adam Lambert's success in the previous season, he just might be the next big Adam Lamber thingy.
  4. Scott McCreery, 16 years old, Home: Garner, NC, Audition: Milwaukee - What can I say, I think even if the show ended today, this guy's already got a career in country music. Done deal. All he needs to prove now is that he's marketable.
  5. Paul McDonald, 25 years old, Home: Huntsville, AL, Audition: Nashville - A weird and unique sound might just be the key. He needs to clean up though, he kinda looks like a homeless person sometimes.
  6. Tim Halperin, 23 years old, Home: Fort Worth, TX, Audition: MySpace - Tim's sound is really current, think The Script or James Morrison maybe? But can he stand out?
  7. Jovany Barreto, 22 years old, Home: Harvey, LA, Audition: New Orleans - He's a good singer, but I don't think he looks current. He kinda looks like he belongs on the cover of a Mills & Boon pocket book. Hehehe.
  8. Jordan Dorsey, 21 years old, Home: Laplace, LA, Audition: New Orleans - We kind of already have so many really good African-American R&B singers around at the moment. So...
  9. Robbie Rosen, 16 years old, Home: Merrick, Long Island, NY, Audition: New Jersey - I don't get yet where Robbie will fit - pop? rnb? That might be problem.
  10. Clint Jun Gamboa, 26 years old, Home: Long Beach, CA, Audition: San Francisco - So I hear this guy is part Filipino. Way to go dude! I think he should sing something 
  11. Brett Loewenstern, 16 years old, Home: Boca Raton, FL, Audition: New Orleans - I'm kind of freaked out by this guy, seriously. Well, that might just be the reason he got through. And that might just be the reason America will vote for him.
  12. Jacob Lusk, 23 years old, Home: Compton, CA, Audition: Los Angeles - I don't get it. I see a guy trying to sing the Jennifer Holiday out of any song. I could be wrong of course, and he might just be who America wants. We'll see.

Who's YOUR favorite so far? Let me know in the comments section below...

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