Thursday, February 10, 2011

American Idol 10: San Francisco, California Auditions and Reviews

Tonight, it's the final auditions episode for Season 10 in San Francisco, California and on Thursday (Friday in the Philippines), Hollywood Week begins!

If you don't think you can wait until Thursday to see who made it to Hollywood, see here the full list of American Idol 10 Hollywood Hopefuls. Here we go with the reviews...

Judging the Judges

The judges this week were less in the spotlight, except for Steven Tyler who lost his cool because of an overconfident guy who botched his audition.

They laid off Randy Jackson's being rude to the contestants too, so that's good.

Hope to hear more from the judges, more of what they thought, less of the flattery and more of the critiquing please....

American Idol 10: San Francisco, California Auditions and Reviews

The Golden State, San Francisco hosted the last day of the American Idol Season 10 Auditions. All in all, it was a pretty good turnout, around 9000 auditions...

Emily Anne Reed can also try Disney!
  • For some weird reason, I actually think Simon Cowell might like show opener Inessa Lee. She's a bit creepy though. So she still wouldn't go through. Lol. 
  • Brittany Mazur sounded interesting enough to make me want to hear more of her.
  • Tall guy Matthew Nuss had full, strong voice 
  • An unexpected sound came out of good looking guy Stefano Langone from Kent Washington. Good audition.
  • Clint Jun Gamboa did not look like an American Idol, good thing he can sing. Haha. He got through based on his voice that sounded a tad bit like Bruno Mars.
  • It would have been really cool if Transformers Drew Bauminer could actually carry a tune. I admired how he entered and I actually thought without the car suit, he could look the part too. Unfortunately
  • Colombian Birthday girl Julie Zorrilla definitely looked the part but she over-sang "Sunshine" and lost points in my book. It seemed she gained a lot of points with the judges though. So she got through.
  • Dave Combs looked the part, was really confident... then sang out of tune and pissed Steven Tyler off. Way to go, man.
  • Emily Anne Reed's house burned down in a fire just a week prior to her audition. Then when she sang, it was like everything was right in the world - very positive sounding voice - maybe too much? If you close your eyes, you'd probably imagine a cartoon singing. I wish she sang something more current though.
  • Last audition of the day came from a guy who reminded me of Adam Lambert, who told his story and cried half of the time: James Durbin. Then when he sang, lo and behold, he did sound like Adam Lambert. Hahaha! Wait, I thought they said he was the last audition of the day - what were all those people still doing there?

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