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American Idol Season 10: Los Angeles, California Auditions and reviews

Judging the Judges

I think I've identified what I'm missing from the judges - something Simon Cowell was really good at - describing how the audition went in an interesting way, both good and bad.

Steven Tyler just says it was "good" or "amazing". Jennifer Lopez simply wants to get things over with. And Randy Jackson is just rude.  I suppose it's not simply that someone should be describing the audition, but also they should give an explicit assessment of the audition - verbalize what they feel, what they think, and not just say yes or no...

American Idol Season 10: Los Angeles, California

American Idol tonight visited the "Entertainment Capital of the World" - Los Angeles, California - and I must say, it was such a waste of my time. I feel like I lost 1 whole hour to nothing. Nigel Lyhgoe, what the hell man???

The Gutierrez brothers Leaned on each other

  • First audition by Victoria Garrett "knocked their socks off" and was voted Yes to going to Siberia by Steven Tyler.
  • Tim Halperin sang and it was like no one really noticed that he sang, but eventually they did give him a review. I wouldn't have let him through he wasn't good enough. 
  • They didn't show if Justin Carter got through. He looked promising though.
  • Daniel Gomez kept referring to himself as having the star quality but sang terribly. 
  • Then his friend who dropped out of college to pursue a singing career, Isaac Rodriquez sang equally bad. I feel really bad for both of them. They're both delusional and will only build themselves up to be disappointed again and again in the future if they keep pursuing a music career...
  • Karen Rodriguez had very clean runs. Very clean. She looked the part too. Definite yes for me. Unfortunately for her, with about 90% of the episode showing bad to terrible auditions, she'll be more likely forgotten by next week.
  • Tynisha Roches brought a microphone and a weird set of eyebrows, then forgot the words to her song, then chased Randy Jackson around the studio, then got escorted out by the Security guy. That's a great audition if you as me. Hahaha...
  • Belly Dancer Heidi Khzam sang Superwoman on key and in tune, but lacking any sort of strength and power. She got through. Well, compared to the others, she should have gotten 2 golden tickets.
  • Matt "Big Stats" Frankel sang? I didn't recognize the song. He kinda sounded like a woman and he looked like a mafia sidekick. 
  • Mark Gutierrez and Aaron Gutierrez sang "Lean On Me" as a duet and was described as "godlike" and "unreal" by Steven Tyler. Seriously Steven? It wasn't THAT good. They should have been asked to sing separately though before they decided. But then again with the way the auditions are going, they'll still both get through.
  • 59 year-old Cooper Robinson ended the show in a really awkward way, shouting around, dancing around and just being odd.  What the heck was that Nigel??? 

Are there no good singers in Los Angeles??? Hopefully things will be better as next week it will be the San Francisco Auditions and then Hollywood Week begins!

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