Friday, November 16, 2007

Boracay 2007

Boracay Vacation

Liz and I went to Boracay (my second time, and her first!) during that long Holiday weekend of Nov 1 (Thursday) to 4 (Sunday). We stayed at the 357 Hotel at Station 3. It was a beach front and was a nice, clean place. The beach was nice enough, quiet and clean. It would be great place to just relax, bake under the sun, maybe read a book, or get a nice massage on the beach.

We had dinner at 357 Hotel on our first night, and the food was okay too. But the best meal we had, I think, was our Greek lunch at Zuzuni Restaurant (or it could be because we walked from Station 3 to Station 2, past D-mall, and almost to the border of Station 1, and we were damn hungry! Rawr!)

Boracay Activities

On Day 1, Nov 1, we arrived at the hotel at around 1pm. Walked from Station 3 to Station 2, looking for a place to eat...blah blah blah...walked around D-mall some more then went back to Station 3. Swam in the uber awesome (yes, if you haven't gone yet, you have to go) waters of Boracay, then lounged around in front of our hotel in our swimsuits, taking in the sights, the sounds of the waves... :sigh: sinusulat ko lang, nami-miss ko na ulit... haha! We had dinner at the hotel that night, on the beach. :D

Day 2 was our activity day: First went on a day-long Island hopping/Snorkeling/Spelunking trip. The spelunking part consisted of a 2-minute half walk-half crawl inside a narrow and low ceiling passage to see Cave 2 of the Crystal Cove (and you have to pay a hundred bucks to get in!). We went to the famous Crocodile Island for our final snorkeling dip. We brought a small bread loaf to feed to the fishies, and were they ever hungry! It was really great fun to see and feel them "biting" your fingers. Liz said she also "Found Nemo". :D

Boracay Food and Transportation

Lunch was included in the tour package. We had a fill of seafood and bbq on stick, Boracay style (whatever that means). Naalala ko lang, on the tour with us was this Taiwanese lady who was by herself. She kept complaining about everything from the dead corals (coz she couldn't see anything daw), to the food, to the lunch venue... panira ng mood. Haha.

After that, we went back to the hotel and showered. We walked to D-mall again and had dinner there, shopped for souvenirs and pasalubong, & got our (cliche) Henna tattoos. We wanted to go to the Reggae party at Summer Place but still had our purchases with us, so we went to the other end of D-mall to look for a ride. Apparently, the trikes cost P100 each, one way, AND they won't take you up to the beach (so you have to walk). Then they suggested we take a (gasp!) a single motorcycle for only (tanan!) P20 each one way! It took us a while, but we eventually decided to take the motorcycle (gasp! no helmets!), with me reminding the driver over and over again (and over and over again) to drive slow. Needless to say, we got to the hotel and back to D-mall in 1 piece. :D yay!

The party was great! We had a couple of drinks, just enough so that we could dance without feeling silly. ;) I still can't remember the name of the band that played though. Maybe you can help me out, one of their songs goes like, "Marami ang maling akala, ooh yeah!"

Boracay Photos

Day 3 was more swimming :sigh:, more shopping, more lazy walks on the beach, we attempted to make a sand castle to no avail, had lunch at a Thai resto and had ice cream in D-mall, we got a massage on the beach, and we watched firedancers perform. :D

On our last day, we swam in the Boracay waters one last time, we shopped around for last minute souvenirs and pasalubong, then we were off to Kalibo airport for our flight back to the real world. :sigh:

For more photos from our Boracay trip check out my Multiply page here - Boracay Photos!

Liz and I had a WONDERFUL TIME in Boracay! :D It was really worth all the trouble we went through to push through with the trip. Next year ulit! Hahaha!