Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Self Indulgent Birthday Blog Post 28

Can you believe I'm turning 28? I almost cannot. Almost!
Here's some random ramblings and a few photos for your enjoyment. Lol. 

I'm too old for this


Is it just me or have all 20-something-year-old's I know have fallen into a state of constantly thinking we are too old for anything fun. Staying out 'til 3am drinking and dancing doesn't sound too appealing to me, especially since I'd rather spend my weekends without a thumping hangover. I'm just too old to be drunk at a club at 3 in the morning...  OK OK It's probably just me. :p

Then I also said the same thing about Social Media and blogging - and I still feel that way sometimes. I'm too old for Facebook. I'm too old for Twitter. Doh. Just Friend or Follow me. :p

But even American Idol thinks I'm too old. Hehe. They have an age limit of 28.

The truth is, though, I am not too old for anything. YOU are not too old for anything. We should not be held back by those numbers, damn it! OK. I'm not too old to do a jumping / flying shot on the beach with my older sister who is also not to too old! :D

I was born at midnight

Random. I bet you didn't know I was born right at the stroke of midnight. Or well, at least that's what's written on my birth certificate. My mom says the clock they used as basis might (just might) have been a few minutes advanced. Hehehe.

I was a hyperactive kid. Exhibit A...

This was in Rizal Park in Manila, back in the 80s. My mother said my feet were already running even before my dad put me on the ground. I had just never seen such a large running area in my life! :p

For my birthday this year, I have gifted myself with running shoes - and am vowing to use them until they are worn out. :) Hopefully my new shoes will inspire me to run more often. Haha!

I am a Promil Kid


I began my life as an overachiever. Exhibit B - photo taken in 1992 with me and my baby sister displaying my trophies for that year. Could it be because I had Promil as a baby? Lol.

My mom said the doctors would give us the free promotional packets of Promil when I was a baby because we didn't have money to buy milk. :p

The older I got, though, the more I realized I was not as intelligent as I thought I was. Good thing I also realized it was not the only thing that mattered in the world - that there were so many things much more important than IQ! :p

Greet Me!


My whole life, my birthday always fell at the time of the year when everyone was busy.  When I was still in school, mid-March was finals exams, final projects, and final reports week or preparations for Graduations or summer outings.

When I started working, March was always timing for Maintenance Shutdown or coming off of Maintenance Shutdown so everybody just wanted to go home with their families to rest. Because of this and that and so many other things, not a lot of people remember my birthday.

The worst one was when I was a high school Freshman and nobody at school knew/remembered my birthday at all. :p Fail!  That doesn't happen anymore though, thanks to Friendster and Facebook and Multiply and other social networking sites that remind you so and so's  birthday every year.

But here is my self indulgent birthday post for you - all I ask for is a quick a simple greet on this, my special day. Yehey! I feel so lucky to have all of you!

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  1. wa-hey! happy birthday!!! so when's the bash? hehehe

  2. hey nice meeting you guys last night at the velocity bar. belated happy bday to you and amen to what you said, we're not too old for anything. teehee!

    hey hope we can ex-links.

    see you on the next event. ;)

  3. Hey bluerlyn! Thank you. Kaya nga game pa rin sa mga party games kahit matanda na. haha! I won a GC! woot. :)

    Ex links? Sure. I'll set it up later. Visited your blog but it told me I was using an outdated browser. LOL!

  4. Hi Emz! Thank you for the greets! The bash? Oh no! You missed it. :p Next time na lang ha. Hehehe.

  5. That's great! Globe Run for Home will be on Sunday. I just don't know if
    the registration is still open. Try looking at for the list of
    races :)

  6. wow! another pisces is here! happy birthday rey!

  7. Haha! Yes, another fish is here. At least hindi amoy fish. :p Salamat sa
    pagbisita at Happy Birthday ulit Fr Fiel.

  8. Ah, to be 28 again! It's true what they say, you're only as old as you feel. =) Happy Birthday!

  9. at a young age you have done so many achievements in life that some people of your age are still trying to achieve it/them as their goal.. you are so blessed with so many good things in life so better thank God for all of these blessings that comes to you especially this birthday season of yours...

    i will be singing as a surprise guess on your birthday performance on ASAP XV this sunday... better not be on teary eyes when i appeared ha... wahahahha

  10. Happy birthday, Rey. Kaya ka pala super talented Promil baby ka... Are you on birthday leave today?

  11. Happy Birthday Rey!!! Promil kid, ha ha ha..

    Ayun na, nakabili na ng running shoes... when can I see you run with me?? :) I've got lots in my sched na, join na!

  12. Happy Birthday! Dami mong Gold Medals! Sanla natin! Joke!

    Kidding aside, you deserve all your accomplishment because you're not only an excellent person but its be'coz you're a humble man, too!

    It's great that we've meet.

    Kampay to your day!

  13. Happy birthday! (Again!) No, we're not too old for anything, Rey - I'm pushing 50, now, and I don't feel any older than I did at your age. C'mon in, the water's just fine! See, the silly thing is, we inherited these mindsets from previous generations - generations for whom 40 was the average life expectancy, and 20 was "middle-aged." We need to adjust. Get with the program. I intend to live at least as long as my grandmothers - both of whom made it to their mid-90s.

  14. Happy Birthday Rey! Ako naman next month. :)

  15. Hey! Great big ol' honkin' Birthday wishes Mr Rey!

    Hope you have the most wonderful day imaginable.

    Great post about this, too.


  16. Happy Birthday ReyJr..:) We just have the same feeling as I turned 29 last March 7. But still, not too old for anything as long as I am happy doing it..:) Have a great and wonderful day ahead of you..This is YOUR DAY!!! Enjoy!!

  17. J,yung picture mo nung maliit ka,yung sa Rizal park,parang si Jason di ba?hehehe
    Happy Happy Birthday!
    Love you,
    Tita Es

  18. sorry I'm late Rey

    belated happy birthday!


    Late na akong nagcomment sa iyo dito pero on time ako sa Facebook mo :)

  20. Yes! And here's me thinking "gah! I'm too old for this, i'm too old for that" - I should stop and just enjoy life! :)

    (for a moment I thought you wrote "you're only as old as your feet" - lol! random.)

  21. Tita Es, Hehe. Mas mataba lang ako kay Jayson ng konti. :) Dapat siguro dalhin si Jayson sa Rizal Park para makita kung parehas nga. Hehe!

  22. Err... Thanks. :p I made that so easy didn't I?

  23. Hi Madz! Yeah! I will try them out tonight! When is the next run? We'd love to join!

  24. Lol! Oo nga - seems like people prefer greeting on FB. Ang galing kasi ng capability ng FB to remind. :D

    Salamat Richard!

  25. Better late than later Roy! Haha! :D
    Thank you.

  26. Honk! Honk! Thank you George!
    I had a good relaxing day and was greeted by tons of people. Haha.

  27. hi rey, ages are only numbers; and the heart doesn't recognize them. :) (i hope what i am saying is sensible hihi. wait, ako yata ang pinaka-late sa mga late na nagcomment hehe) ~ Fren here. :)

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