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Monday, November 09, 2009

Paparazzi shots @ Abi and Paul's Wedding

I am using a Point and Shoot camera. Nothing special. :p Canon Ixus 90IS 10MP Digital camera. No DSLR's here, at least not yet. Hehe. Here are 3 of my favorite shots I took during the wedding of my friends Abi and Paul. What do you think?

Paparazzi photo #1: Capture the silence

This photo, I took using the macro view and adjusting it to the flowers. I also filtered to show only yellow. :D What I like about this photo is that the the white silences the whole scene, highlighting the solemnity of the ceremony.

2 more photos below...

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Singing with Sarah Geronimo (plus tips on how to use a microphone)

I'm not much of a celeb crazy dude, so despite having been around numerous celebrities during my UPCC days, especially during awards nights, I have only a few photos, and most of them are at least 5 years old. Haha!

When Sarah Geronimo was still a kid

Here's my first celebrity photo for you: with current toast of the town, Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo.
June 2004, taken after the mini concert we did with the Record Breaker singer, with Mark Bautista and Erik Santos, then newly crowned singing champs of singing contests on different networks, plus a special guest number by then macho singer Vina Morales, at SM North EDSA - long before The Block was built. Lol.

Sarah would be around 16 or 17 years old at this time. I was 22. Hehehe. Here's the photo...