Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Idol 10: Scotty McCreery crowned country Superstar

Scotty McCreery

Ladies and Gentlemen, your new American Idol Champ - country crooner Scotty McCreery.

Scotty was announced the winner today, beating fellow country singer Lauren Alaina in the Finale of the American Idol Season 10.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Choco-late de Batirol in Baguio is heaven in a cup!

The rich chocolate aroma wafted in our general direction, and all of us went... "mmmm... sarap!"


Chocolate de Batirol, the perfect place to spend a cool and sunny Baguio afternoon

Inside Baguio City's Camp John Hay is a little restaurant called Choco-late de Batirol. Oozing with character, this rustic resting spot is the perfect place to spend a cool and sunny Baguio afternoon, sipping chocolate based drinks while reading a good book, or just hanging out with friends and family...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 3 Performances and Reviews

American Idol 10: Top 3 Performances and Reviews

Tonight, the American Idol Season 10 Top 3 contestants: Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery and Haley Reinhart will battle it out singing 3 songs each on stage for a spot at the Finale next week at the Nokia Theater. Also featured tonight - the traditional Top 3 Rock Star Homecoming. It will be awesome.

Who will make it to the Finale? Odds are in Scotty's favor - although some would say he might be in competition with Lauren Alaina for the Country Music fan vote. Then again, people might see a Scotty-Lauren pairing at the Finale better than a Scotty-Haley pairing, what with the several duets they've done on the show.

There is still a slim chance that Scotty might be dropped and Haley and Lauren will girl-fight it out in the Finale. Who knows, right? It will depend heavily on how they will perform tonight.

Here goes my Performance Reviews for the Top 3...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

American Idol 10: The Top 4 Performances and Reviews

I just have to say, I enjoyed how the judges argued over the performances tonight. They should have done more of that earlier in the Season. It showcases their individual opinions, not manufactured opinions filled with catch phrases.

Anyway, on with the performance reviews. The Top 4 are first singing songs that inspire them and then singing songs from the Leiber-Stoller Songbook with advice from the crazy larger than life Lady Gaga.

Here are my reviews of their performances...

Friday, May 06, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 5 Results - Jacob Lusk finally off the show!

After weeks of predicting Jacob Lusk would be eliminated, it finally came true. :p

After singing both the male and female parts of "No Air" and hitting F# above high C on last night's Top 5 show, Jacob failed to impress America, proving high notes do not always mean high marks.

First time in the bottom 2, Lauren Alaina - judge (and Producer) favorite to win because of her country pop tone, easy to sell in today's market. But it was Man-Diva Jacob who eventually got the boot, leaving the Top 4 - James Durbin, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart - with James as the only one left who has not seen the bottom 2 from the beginning.

Who will make it to the Finale? Answer our poll below...

Thursday, May 05, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 5 "Now & Then" Week Performances & Reviews

American Idol 10: Top 5 Performances and Reviews

It is down to 5 contestants on American Idol. In 4 weeks, a new American Idol will be announced. Which once will it be?

Well, it will depend heavily on their performances tonight! Coming into this week, the Poll for "Who will make it to the Finals?" still shows James Durbin and Scotty McCreery on top. But with Scotty in the bottom 2 last week, we can't say for sure. It is definitely still anyone's game, but for the moment, it is James' game to lose...