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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fox's "Glee" will be a huge hit in the Philippines too

Nope, they haven't shown it here in the Philippines, but from the trailer I found on YouTube and the reviews I've read, I think "Glee", the new musical comedy series from Fox will be a big hit in the Philippines too.

Filipinos are very musical people, this is evident in the sheer number of choirs from universities, high schools, churches, companies, towns... anywhere where there's enough people, there's a choir. Haha! And here you have a series about a choir! A Glee Club! Haha. Actually, I'm excited that they're putting choirs back into the mainstream. A couple of years ago they did a series in the US called "Clash of the Choirs", I dunno how that ended up. But here's a series, on primetime TV, about a choir! (Why am I excited? I was a choir member for 6.5 years!)

Here's the trailer of the pilot episode of "Glee"...