Thursday, August 31, 2017

Building a House: Settlement on the land has come through

A couple of weeks have passed since my first post about our house build, and the big news is that our land purchase has now been finalised.

Financing a House Build

One of the drivers for deciding to build a house this year was because of the condition of the market; interest rates are down to less than 4%! We were also in a good place with some money saved to cover the cost of the deposits and our 20% contribution.

We were lucky to get great support from our broker, Warrick of Aussie, and conveyancing from Alicia of Spirit Settlements. They were easy to speak to and patiently answered all our "first timer" questions. We chose Bankwest for our loan.

You'll be able to find all sorts of tips on how to choose your broker and your settlement agent on the internet, but my tip is to find someone who you are comfortable with and build mutual trust.

Pre-Construction Site Survey

A couple of weeks now since we paid our deposit to Celebration Homes. Since then they've been working in the background preparing for the Site Survey, soil testing, etc.

Spoke to Jason of Celebration Homes today and he said our soil is Class A which means it is stable and non-reactive - which is a good thing!

Now, a few more weeks of waiting before we get to see the drafts of our new home, which means it might be a while before you hear from me again.

Alab says "I did it!"

My son today said "I did it!" after successfully closing the seat belt on his high chair by himself. We are constantly amazed by all the things he can now do - reciting the alphabet, singing the do-re-mi scale up and down, counting in English and Filipino, plus he's learned how to jump.

By this time next year, he'll be almost three, running around the new house and maybe playing with his friends. Haha.

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