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Monday, February 03, 2014

Filipino Invention - Jeepney Coin Sorter

You know how there are lists floating around of these awesome inventions by Filipinos and some of them turn out to be hoaxes?  This invention, a jeepney coin sorter, I wish was real.  Unfortunately it doesn't exist.  Challenge accepted... anyone?

One of my machine design projects when I was still taking up my Mechanical Engineering was a coin sorter and wrapper, made even more challenging by the professor's requirement that it should have a single input action, say a rotating motion.  We never finished it and had to change projects halfway through.  But remembering it got me thinking... I wonder how much interest there would there be for a jeepney coin sorter?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What would you do if a Zombie attacked you right now?

AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1

So I watched the whole Season 1 of AMC's "The Walking Dead" last Saturday (until about 4am the following day) and have been thinking about zombies for a week now. No nightmares so far, but my thoughts have, of late been returning to zombie attacks and possible escape routes. I mean, will we be able to tell when a zombie will attack? Heck no! So we should be prepared right? Right? :p

What would I do if the walking dead suddenly attacks me right here, right now, while doing some random thing?

It's a zombie! Wah!
What to do if a zombie attacks you while you're jogging

I was jogging the other day. It was evening and the curb I needed to take was dark because the lampost oddly flickered off whenever a car passed by. I wondered, what would I do if a Zombie suddenly attacked me right here, right now, while doing some random thing like jogging? Hmmm....

Monday, December 20, 2010

Isaw Philosophications


What can I say? Sometimes there are just things that take a hold of us - a thought, a concept, an idea - and sometimes an idea is grand and defines your life by the choices you make because of this idea, but often it is a simple idea, mundane even.

Even so, this idea captures us and it seems we cannot force ourselves to take any other option.

Well, since I am really not in the mood for fantastic philosophications, let's forgo the former and talk about the latter.

Here's one idea I can't seem to shake off.  Tell me, do you have the same thoughts and feelings about this idea? I'd love to hear what you think...

Sunday, March 07, 2010

World's Largest Rodent Grossed me out

Have you ever seen that cutesy movie called Ratatouille? I had several tries before I was finally able to stomach watching a rat cooking food. I find whole concept revolting.

About a month ago, I caught this rat in our ceiling. It's a real rat. It gnawed a hole in my partition wall! Now can you imagine this rat moving around in your chef's hat? Cooking food in a fancy restaurant? That just makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand. Lol!

Think THAT's gross? Then you have to see this next photo...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Funk" and other funky movies

We used to play this hilarious game where we replaced words in movie titles with the word "itlog" or "egg" in English. Now, let's try it for the word "funk", replacing words in the worldwide top grossing movies of all time (as of end June 2009!)

#1 (1997) "Titanic Funk" - hm.. it's one word!
#2 (2003) "The Lord of the Rings: Return Funk of the King" - hahahaha!
#3 (2006) "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Funk" - he's dead already!
#4 (2008) "The Dark Knight Funk" - why is it dark? on second thought, I don't want to know...
#5 (2001) "Harry Funk Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" - can you imagine if J.K. Rowling named the lead character Funk instead of Harry?
#6 (2007) "Pirates Funks of the Caribbean: At World's End" - or Punks. hahaha, maybe the writer had a bad case of "P & F syndrome".
#7 (2007) "Harry Potter and the Order of the Funk" - yah man @ Harry.
#8 (2002) "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Funky Towers" - I wonder what funky towers look like? Maybe there's a huge photo of James Brown on the facade!
#9 (1999) "Star Wars Ep. I: The Phantom Menace Funk" - it goes together right? Phantom Phunk! cool..
#10 (1993) "Jurassic Funk Park" - OK, i can't think of anything witty (and wholesome) for this one...

Other notable titles:
#12 "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Funk" - erm... eherm... this is a wholesome blog!
#38 "Kung Fu Panda Funk" - and the protagonist fights using funky dance moves lol!
#57 "WALL FUNK-E" - yeah! funky baby!
#150 "My Big Fat Greek Wedding Funk"
#176 "The Curious Case Funk of Benjamin Button"
#190 "As Good Funk as it Gets"

What's your favorite movie? Replace one word with "Funk" and see what you come up with! Share it in the comments box below!

Interested to see the full list of highest grossing movies worldwide? They're monitored by The Numbers! Check 'em out.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Short Signatures for your BlackBerry emails

I was inspired by a quick rhyming snippet from a friend's email signature sent via BlackBerry, she wrote:

"Apologies for the brevity - this was sent on a BlackBerry"

So c'mon! Do away with the boring "Sent via BlackBerry" generic signature, and make a new signature today! Hehe. So here are few of my own suggestions for use as your Black Berry email signature. I don't have a BlackBerry myself, but am welcome to receiving one as a gift. Here goes...

1. The same message above in Haiku form:

"My apologies
for the brevity, 'tis sent
via BlackBerry!"

2. For the people on the go: "In my office, I am not. From my BlackBerry this was shot."
3. This one's a bit long.. but what the heck. If you're into Shakespear maybe?

"I shall never dare be late, answering thine mail, post haste!
So from mine fine BlackBerry, I have sent this note to thee!"

4. If you don't like work emails to follow you: "Since I got this BlackBerry, emails keep on following me!"

5. If you like hip-hop: "Sent ya this 'mail foo! From mah BB, cool!"

6. If you're a sweet little farmgirl: "Short and sweet from my BlackBerry, Lots of love from my cow, Bessy!"

7. If you're Pinoy: "Galing sa Maitim-na-Ubas, sagot ko'y maikli man ngunit makatas." wahaha! (Direct translation: "Coming from my BlackBerry, my answer is brief but juicy")
Come up with your own and post it in the comments section below! Haha!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I won the lottery!!! ...i mean, IF

Over lunch today, the topic was the Lottery, or here in the Philippines, "Lotto." Or more specifically, what will you do if you win the lottery?

Most of the people in that table said they were going to resign, with much drama, packing their stuff in a box and lashing out at difficult bosses and officemates, slapping people with bundles of money to pay for loans (hehe), buying everything they want in the world...

So, I took a quick look at the Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office Website (because I was curious how much we are really talking about here) and found that the grand prize for today's draw for SuperLotto is a staggering Php 182,000,000.00 (or about $3.7 Million).

Holy ef! I never knew it was that much! Haha. (Seriously, this is the first time I checked...) Let's put things in perspective here... that much money can buy you either:

  • 10 of the 2009 Ferrari 599 cars (and still have enough gas money for a lifetime), or

  • One of these islands, or
  • Around 9,000 Google shares at $400 per share :D

Which brings me back to my first question:


Seriously, here's what I will do (aside from get married and have twins!)

  1. Try my best to keep it a secret from everyone other than my immediate family and loved ones (no, I won't blog about it, haha) because I want to be alive to enjoy all that money!
  2. Buy a corner lot on a busy street and put up a Kentucky Fried Chicken or Jollibee franchise
  3. Buy a beachfront property in Boracay and put up a resort/hotel (because I want to have a place to stay when I go there!)
  4. Take a month's leave (or two) from work and travel around Europe to visit friends (yep, I won't quit my job until my businesses are stable!)
  5. Take my Masters Degree in Business Administration
  6. Set up businesses (instead of give money) for all my family (so that they all have sustainable incomes!)
  7. Buy a condo unit in Alabang
  8. Get a bodyguard. (just in case!)
  9. Set-up a charity that helps children by keeping them off the streets and teaching them music.
  10. Build a new spa or wellness center. :D

These are just some of the thing I will do. Haha. How about you? What will you do? Reply in the comments section below or blog about this and link to this post!

Monday, September 17, 2007


A few blogs ago, I wrote about my weird affinity to the number 11 and the fact that I always see it on clocks. At the time, I was just mildly amused by it, not thinking that it was really anything at all. But then Stippy left a comment on that blog entry:

Stip said...
according to one book i've read, people with extraordinary cognitive abilities always catch double digits on their digital clocks without meaning to do so. "extraordinary cognitive abilities" includes abstract intuition (you somehow know that doing something is the best thing, but you can't explain it), premonitions, psychic and third-eye abilities. =)
So I looked it up on the internet, and true enough, there were several websites dedicated to 11:11! Akalain mo yun... And here's what they said:

These 11:11 Wake-Up Calls on your digital clocks, mobile phones, VCR’s and microwaves are the "trademark" prompts of a group of just 1,111 fun-loving Spirit Guardians, or Angels.

Once they have your attention, they will use other digits, like 12:34, or 2:22 to remind you of their presence. Invisible to our eyes, they are very real.Our earthly 1,111 Spirit Guardians, often called "Midwayers," have been assisting folks of all walks of life for many centuries.

I saw 11:11 again tonight on my car clock, just as I got in to go home. I don't really believe it, but maybe I'll try to see how often I catch 11:11.

Some points for argument: Why are people with digital clocks so privileged to get spiritual beings and such? How about the people who don't ever see digital numbers?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Photographic Memory

07/12 - This bird won't budge. It just won't.

Then after a few minutes, it pooped then flew away. It must've been too shy to do its business while i was there. Haha!

07/21 - The UP Concert Chorus bulletin board. Haha! Memories.
I visited them last Saturday. They were rehearsing some choreography for their upcoming UPBeat Concert. I remember those times when I was the one leading choreography rehearsals, tough but fun.

I will be watching on August 11 with my gf and also former UPCC, Liz, and also with a few more UPCC Alumni.

07/25 - (One of) Bryan's send off party(-ies). This one at the Ponte Fino Hotel with the MF Finance Dept. Bryan (who is also one of my housemates and badminton buddies) is the guy I'm pointing at. He's off to the land of the merlion to earn loads of Sing dollars and maybe learn a thing or two about GSAP. See you in December Don Bryan!

o7/26 - They say there's a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I still have to check, but this looks promising!