Thursday, February 28, 2008

Have you been watching AI lately?

I have. On YouTube. Haha!
I don't get to sit in front of the TV anymore. And the TV remote doesn't work. And the channels are almost all encrypted. And I don't want to pay for cable so...

I've been stuck in Batangas since Feb 11. And will be stuck here until the 7th of March. (wopee!) That's 25 freakin' days! I've never been stuck here that long.
So I've begun to miss home a few days ago. That song has been ringing in my ear for the past few days (damn it)..."When I think of...(you guessed it) home..."

So here's a list of things that I'm missing right now (not including the icky, mushy stuff ha)...
  • My bed! And my pillows!
  • My mom's cooking! yummy....
  • Our ginormous TV (with a freakin' working remote control!)
  • Our backyard where I hang out or clip my toenails or lift some weights
  • My Papa's (grandpa) crazy roosters that think morning begins at 10pm and begin cackling (cockadoodledooing? but that sounds a bit dirty no?)
  • The little fish (there's only 1) in our small pond in the garden
  • The water dispenser. :D
  • The WATER! (I swear our water is the best tasting water around...)
  • The couch in our living room.
and most of all...
  • The banyo, where I can sing my heart out in the shower and nobody would mind.
Speaking of singing...
Yeah, I think Ramiele Malubay, that Filipina on American Idol, does have a good chance to get into the Top 12. I am rooting for her. ;)
And okay, fine, we'll all jump into the David Archuleta bandwagon. Liz likes him anyway. Haha.

Friday, February 08, 2008


Na kami!

Miss ko na

At Gelpren.
Bukas den

Sa labash.
Ampaw cash,
Need car wash.
New Year Bash

Kong Hei Fat
Year of Rat!
Choi forgot!
Ay lagot.