Monday, November 21, 2005

Davao in Snapshots

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Off to Davao!


In November of 2005, Liz and I went to Davao for the very first time, to visit my friend Cheska and get some rest and relaxation. We spent 4 days there, did all the tourist-y stuff, went to the beach, had some Blugre Durian coffee, and went home with a sack full of suha!

We arrived really early at the Centennial airport, our PAL flight was at 5AM, and by lunch time we were already at Isla Reta beach in Davao! Haha.

We stopped near the beach so we could do some snorkeling. The water was awesome, uber clear and not too salty. We saw this huge striped fish between the corals that looked like a snake from the top, and a lot of tiny fishies too.

Cooked to Perfection!

After our backs were tanned to perfection, we headed for Isla Reta, on Talikod Island; one of the many white-sand semi private beaches of Davao to have our lunch...

Lonely fisherman

Abs peeling suha on the shores of Isla Reta. Sarap!

Snakes and Eagles

We also visited the Philippine Eagle Conservation Center. Those are Cheska's brothers Abs and Art (who incidentally both have "Rey" as their second names) and a huge snake. I had enough courage to let them put the snake on me, but it was a bit heavy and I needed some help getting it off. Whaa! Get this snake off me now!!!! (hehehe)

Liz, Art, Abs and Cheska relaxing on a bench up on a tree at the Philippine Eagle Conservation Center. And of course, a certified, bonafide, monkey-eating eagle. Well, it's a dead (petrified?) one, haha.

Clowning around: Art and me doing the Matrix. Look at Abs on the lower right corner. Hilarious!

Our tour group! (from left) Art, Cheska, Alec, Liz, me and Abs.

Liz on top of the Marilog Waterfalls!

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