Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Endorphins are wonderful

I just got home from my first Badminton Tournament. Haha! We got 3rd place (out of 5) in our category. But what the heck, I had great fun. :D I said before that I wouldn't ever join a Tournament because it takes away the fun in the game. When we played, we'd always be laughing our heads off and our stress away. Endorp
hins are wonderful. But this tournament was really fun and I did not for a moment feel over competitive.

Here's a photo of some of the players... Tabangao Badminton Club (Jourds, Mai, me, Jhayne and Kaye).
"and we're warning the city, now that we're in here, you'll know we've been here before we are done!"

So many people I know went to Bora! Geez. Liz and I already have tickets though. Hah! Nov 1 to 4. :D Hope it doesn't rain all 4 days. Haha..
Here's the car that hit my car. Revenge!!! Haha!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Cure for Burnout

I've discovered a great new way to cure burnout from working too much and too hard. When you start finding yourself still in the office at 8pm everynight, missing lunch to meet deadlines, or worrying more about a mistake on your spreadsheet than about losing your hair...

...talk to a job applicant!

Applicants ask almost the same things: How much is the salary? How fast is the career progression? Are there trainings? What are the benefits? What will I be doing? How is it working here? What are the bosses like?

I've found that it reminds you of why you chose to work for the company you work for in the first place. And it is validated when you say out loud things like: "Yeah, it's challenging, but it's a dynamic field, very exciting, with brilliant people, great opportunities, and the pay is not bad." ;)

YES, i do like my job. Haha!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

New things - Old things

A couple of days ago I got my new cellphone. It's a Nokia N73. I'm not big on specs so I won't elaborate further. Let's just say it's a nice phone, and a bit pricey. I had saved my mid-year bonus to buy it. That's not to say I haven't saved anything else. Mag-impok, parang langgam...

I remember a story I read about ants saving food for the rainy season. That was way back when I was probably in Grade 1 or 2. It really stuck to me, that story. I remember wanting that day to open a bank account and be like the ants, mag-impok.

Some really weird things got stuck in my head from when I was young. I remember answering an exam when I was maybe in Preschool, and I cried because I couldn't draw a hammer...I remember there was a multiple choice question, the 2 choices were in drawings: a toothbrush with the full bristles having toothpaste, the other with just half. You had to choose which one is the correct way to put on toothpaste.
Last week, i went on youtube and searched for Visionaries. It was so awesome that someone uploaded it. I saw the complete first episode on YouTube. :D

________ __________
Oh and yeah, it's Jordin Sparks, the new American Idol. Kelly Clarkson, Reuben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, that gray haired guy (I forget his name) and this year, it's Jordin Sparks.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Moving to BLOGSPOT

For no good reason, I am moving to blogspot.

my old blog on Xanga will still be there.


Clean House

I have been, for quite a while now, have been ranting about how dirty the house is. (Mind you, not my house where my folks live, but my house in Tabangao...) No one seems to care to keep tidy, everything is always a mess, and the floor is so gross I can hardly stand it...

But over the weekend, me and my housemates cleaned house! Yep. The house is now nice and dust free, no more molding leftovers and inch thick floor dust. I can now breathe in without sneezing and be able to walk around the living room in my socks and now worry about soiling them even before I put shoes on...

But it isn't complete yet. We have tons of plastic and glass bottles we have to recycle (or get rid of), and of course, maintain the cleanliness of our home away from home. :D

I found this photo of me and Oble taken during my graduation ceremonies back in 2006. :D Ang galing mag pose ni Oble!