Friday, August 18, 2017

We are building a house!

It's been five years since we moved to Perth, and we've finally decided to put down roots and build a house.

So here we are. After a bit of prompting from my wife, Liz, I've gone and revived this long forgotten blog, dusted off the keyboard, and cleaned off some cobwebs (in my head) to share this journey with you. Perhaps you have some tips to share, or your own build story, or maybe you too will learn something along the way.

Land Ho!

After missing out on a piece of cleared block in the suburb of Willetton, we got lucky the second time 'round and our offer was accepted for a property in the breezy, coastal suburb of Hillarys in the City of Joondalup.

At the end of quiet cul de sac, we found a good sized block at a reasonable price; it was an opportunity to live near the ocean, far enough from the city to be away, but close enough to the train station to be practical.

In about a week's time, our settlement on the land will be done and dusted, and we can focus on the house build.

Celebration Homes

We've selected Celebration Homes of the Dale Alcock Group as our builder after a long deliberation. Our property will be custom-designed because of the odd shape of the block, and so we needed to be sure we were happy with the layout before we decided.

We went through over a dozen iterations of the design with several builders, and by the end of that mentally exhausting process, proceeded to try and compare inclusions. We gave each builder the other's inclusions and tried to understand the cost difference between them.

It came down to the better house design layout, and assurance that Celebration Homes will give us a good quality home build given their well established reputation. We hope we made the right decision! (Well, watch this space!)

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