Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Weird Things About Me

There's so many I don't know where to start? Haha.Actually, I don't really know what IS weird about me? I don't think there's any. Do you?

If I blog weird things about myself, that would be saying that I have compared myself to the NORMAL and found myself to be ABNORMAL...hmm...

...but what IS normal? Are YOU normal? What IS the boundary of normalcy?For example, are people who sing in public considered weird? What if you're in the privacy of your home...but there are guests? What if you sing in the gym? (Last week, there was this guy at the gym with headphones on singing "I'm all out of love..." in full voice, mind you...) What if I sing really well, am I still weird?

Well, this first one is more of unique than weird really. I'm a singing engineer. Weird because there's not a lot of licensed Mechanical Engineers who would sing the way I do (or did in college). See, I was part of a choir. And I'm damn well proud of it. The University of the Philippines Concert Chorus.

I think it is weird because while my classmates were studying about Thermodynamics, I was feeling the heat transfer from the stage lights and the flash bulbs; while they were studying Fluid Dynamics, I was studying music dynamics (forte! fortissimo!); while they were taking apart the pieces of an internal combustion engine, I was putting together music pieces for the evening's practice...

wanna see a weird thing? check out our youtube vid, unscripted! this was supposed to be a farewell song for a group of friends from the US... (I'm doing the solo!)

Monday, June 18, 2007

A Day for Fathers

First of all, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my Tatay!!!

It was a tough one, there was recently a cyclone that passed by Oman, where he works. It was a terrible natural disaster, made even more so by the fact that Oman is not prepared for cyclones. They say the last cyclone that hit them was more than a century ago...

My Tatay is fine though. :D

I saw a feature in the broadsheet asking about the fondest memory you have about your father. Mine is the time when me and my older sister were just growing up. My dad would be away for long periods working abroad, so we would always be excited to see him again. I remember he would have us lie on our stomachs and massage us, pressing his palms on our backs while singing "pikil, pikil, madalas dumakil..." I forget what it means... haha!

___ ....
Liz and I watched Ocean's 13 last Saturday. Well actually, I just gave in to the fact that she wanted to watch Brad Pitt on the big screen...and then cuddle with the Brad Pitt lookalike after. Hah! Tough luck.
_________________ ...

On my drive back to Tabangao last night, I had an urge to sing one of our set opening songs in Korus... "Sing we are praises to the Lord..." then I forgot the words...


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Waiting for dinner

Why is "service" in the food sector bad in the Philippines? It's because Filipinos are more inclined to settle with what they have than to be confrontational. When we get Coke instead of the Sprite we ordered, we settle for Coke. When we get a chicken leg instead of a chicken breast, we settle...

I never really understood it. Well, actually I don't want to understand it. I want to change it. Because until people stop settling for bad service, we will never get anything better.

I mean you don't have to be rude to get what you asked for. You can say it in a nice way. And if the waiter or waitress is being a bitch, then call the manager. :D

Filipinos! Stop settling for bad service!

Please note, however, that in the photo, we are just waiting for our food at Max's SM Batangas, which is actually one of the few restaurants in SM Batangas that have fairly good service. Starbucks always has great service. Had really bad service at Greenwich and Flavors of China, but the latter has been improving...

I was at Gerry's Grille with my family one time, and I ordered a Melon Shake. When I was brought a Watermelon Shake, I told them I has specifically ordered a Melon Shake and not a Watermelon Shake. Guess what the waiter told me: "Sir, try nyo na lang po Watermelon, masarap naman..."


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I had 90+ hits on my Soundclick page a couple of days ago. I wonder why? Lol. Check it out>> or just click the Soundclick link on the side bar. xp

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Office

The office. Well, MY office. haha. There's my CPU on its side, my phone, my coffee mug (gotta have my coffee!) a couple of post-its to remind me of stuff I need to do...

...this is the place where I now spend most of my day, in front of this screen. :sigh:

but enough about that.

Liz and I already have tickets to Boracay, We'll be there from November 1 to 4. We also made a pact to try to lose some pounds before Bora, so that we can have Bora worthy bodies when the time comes. Haha! First step: no more softdrinks!

Our Tagaytay dinner at Leslie's last Friday didn't help one bit though. We had Kare-Kare and 2 whole buttered garlic crabs all to ourselves (well, some of the flying ants had some too). The moon was full and the sky was clear, perfect mood for eating out under the starts... and eat we did.
"...maybe you don't need to be at the top of your class to be great at what your course makes you out to be... maybe you just need to be yourself to be great at whatever you choose to do.."