Friday, January 18, 2008

Late Nite Ramblings

  • It's 6 minutes before midnight. By the time I finish this post it will be Friday. Friday na sa wakas. Kaya lang duty na naman. Cutie on Duty. Sana madagdagan na kami. Sana 'wag magkasunog.
  • Didn't play badminton today. Yesterday, I went swimming in the morning, played badminton in the afternoon, then did some sit-ups before I showered. In between, I went to Ma'am Ellen's at lunch for a hearty Batangas Fiesta lunch and then went to Pizza hut and pigged out again for dinner. Negligible ang weight loss ko. Haha. Come to think of it, I've been pigging out for the past couple of days... Yellow Cab, Pizza Hut, Max's, and the occasional Starbucks after dinner (or before, or before and after, hehe.)...
  • I hear the tinkling from the little chimes I bought in Boracay when I was there with Liz last November. I wonder where we should go this year? Palawan perhaps? Camiguin kaya? Cebu sana. Bicol/Bohol? (Bicol slash Bohol, 'coz I keep getting these two mixed up, hehe. I also mix up sinigang and sinangag. It's very VERY confusing to me.)
  • It was my parents' 28th Wedding Anniversary yesterday (yep, same day as the Batangas Fiesta). HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Ama & Ina! :D