A quick update of why I've been MIA... 2 celebrations and a tsunami

I've been missing in action for the past week and I'm sorry!

This will also be a short post as I only wanted to let you know why I haven't posted anything since March 4 - it's basically a classic case of Life overtaking Blogging. Hehe. I missed my weekly American Idol fix and my boot predictions - I would've picked Ashthon to go home anyway har har - and I missed posting my Self Indulgent Birthday Blog Post (like last year). :( Here's why...

I'm 29!

It was my birthday last Friday, I was on leave from work, and enjoyed one of the best massages I've had in a long time. Liz and I spent the whole afternoon at The Spa Libis where birthday-month celebrators were treated to a discount or a room upgrade. It was fantastic, Liz said I was snoring half the time during my massage (we got the couple's room) and I did not even realize I fell asleep. Haha.

When we got out of the spa at 6PM, it was only then we found out about the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the ensuing tsunami that hit Japan a few hours earlier. We got home and celebrated my birthday with a dinner and a few drinks, but kept the TV on CNN to watch updates about the catastrophe.

I wanted to commend the Japanese people for their dignity in adversity - remaining organized, calm and law abiding despite the tragedy that hit them. It was amazing to watch.

I wanted to thank everyone who remembered my birthday - my colleagues in my workplace who joined the dinner despite the short notice [and even brought me a cake haha!], to my family who helped prepare the dinner [I loved everything! Sharap!], to my lovely bride to be for making every effort to make sure I was relaxed and stress free on my birthday hehe, and to all of you who greeted me on my special syzygy birthday.

8 Years!

On Sunday, Liz and I also celebrated our 8th year together - that's a Grade 2 pupil or in dog years = 56! - and we are excited to be getting married on our 8th year as a couple. Some say we've passed all the odd years - the new 3-year glitch, the 5-year itch, and the famous 7-year itch. Maybe we should write a book about it hahaha!

ReyLiz = 8 Years and ...getting married! [Finally!]

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