Sunday, May 08, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley - Pacquiao wins by unanimous decision!

Pacquiao vs Mosley Recap

Fight recap below...

- Charice performs the Philippine National Anthem - simple and powerful
- Tyrese Gibson performs the Star Spangled Banner - kind of out of tune.
- LL Cool J leads the way for entrance of Sugar Shane Mosley
- Entrance of Manny Paquiao to "Eye of the Tiger", Manny will wear Yellow Gloves.

11:58AM - Announcers begin intros
11:59AM - Judges and Referee being announced. Where's that announcer guy before? He's much more effective hehe.
12:00PM - Live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas... it's SHOWTIME!
12:01PM - Introduction for Sugar Shane Mosley done. Now introducing Manny Pacquio - announcer says 38 wins for Manny - widely recognized as one of World Boxing's Greatest, Boxing Congressman... Where's Michael Buffer?

Round 1 begins:
12:03PM - Body attacks to Mosley, punches exchanged. Yellow gloves because he is fighting for poverty in the Philippines. Crowds are crazy wild. 1st round draw!
12:11PM - Pacquiao attacks. Mosley keeps his distance. Mosley falls! woot! Round 3 Done!
12:17PM - Round 4 continues with losing Mosley showing his age - but he's still fighting!
12:21PM - Round 5! Mosley fall was a slip. He falls again smiling. Up and still fighting. Might still win in an upset. Fight!
12:23PM - Round 6 begins. Mosley talking to Pacquiao in the ring during Rd 5. A lot of hugging going on.
12:28PM - Round 7! Pacquiao speed is amazing. Mosley hangs in there. Still fighting!
12:32PM - Mosley needs to NOT be knocked out to still have a fighting career after this bout. If not, it may not be so good for him after this.
12:38PM - Mosley sneaks a punch in and surprises Pacquiao.
12:39PM - Round 9 ends with a straight punch from Pacquiao that stuns Mosley.
12:40PM - Round 10 begins. Referee stops fight for a moment. Pacquiao drops for a moment but says he way pushed. Mosley hugging Manny. Manny irked at fall - combos now coming out!
12:47PM - Rd 11 owned by Manny. Crowds chant his name followed by "Knock Him Out!" Woot! Crowd is crazy wild! Final Round!!!

12:49PM - Shane Mosley tough but retreating now. Pacquiao bouncing after him. Final Round epic. No Knock Outs though. Decision from judges.

Manny Pacquiao announced as winner by unanimous decision! WOot!

Congratulations Manny!

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