Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Songs I'd Love to Cover Part 1

As most of you know, singing is a great passion of mine. When I was younger (and more uninhibited LOL) I would break into song all the time, I would sing at home in the bathroom, in the car, while walking in the mall, waiting for the next class... practically anywhere. You know it when a song catches in your brain and you just start singing, softly at first then, suddenly when you hit the chorus, you sing out loud like nobody's business. ;)

If I was to make an album today, and will be doing a cover of any song I want - these songs would be in my short list. Or if I was asked to make a set list for me and my imaginary band these songs would definitely make the cut...

1. "Before We Come Undone" - Kris Allen

This wasn't a huge hit for Kris Allen, but the beat of this song is really cool, it just makes me rock it out like a rockstar (even though I don't even know the words haha). I also like how the song is dramatic but not overly dramatic, sexy but not trying hard.

2. "Elevator" - David Archuleta

First 2 songs from AI alumni, not surprising as I am a big fan of the show. David Archuleta, not so much a fan of, but my soon to be wife is. And I think we have a similar vocal tone so it would be silly not to choose a song from his repertoire.

I like the playfulness of the melody of this song, even though it's actually a difficult song to sing (no really, try it!). They really pushed this kid to his limits eh?

3. "Get To You" - James Morrison

I think James Morrison's voice is awesome. I just do. He's just got one of those really cool husky voices I always wished I had hahaha. Another cool and challenging song to sing, I want it on my album hehe.

4. "Crawl" - Chris Brown

When I was in high school, I was really into hip-hop and RnB music, and I took that with me even after being exposed to so much more different types of music. This is RnB ballad I would love to cover as well - Chris Brown is a great singer with a unique style. And this is a great song to perform with choreography. WOot!

5. "The Way You Make Me Feel" - Michael Jackson

My favorite song by the King of Pop Michael Jackson is this one. And even though I will need to take the key down a few steps (haha) I would love to be able to sing this song. Awesome Awesome song. The video is a bit raunchy, but the song is awesome.

6. "Change the World" - Eric Clapton (Babyface version)

Finally, for this first batch of songs I'd love to cover is Eric Clapton's classic "Change the World" but at a faster, more RnB version as performed by Babyface. I've sung this numerous times on Karaoke parties and it is one of my favorite songs of all time. :D

How about you? If given a chance, what songs would like to record?
I'd also love to hear what you think of my song selection. Comment away! :D

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