Friday, June 20, 2008

Stupid Silly Poems of Overworked on a Friday

Office Instant Messenger at 6PM on a Friday night...

Officemate 1: Rey, pauwi na ba kayo in a few minutes?
Me: Hmm, how few is few?

a few is just bit
but another thought, just wait!
'coz a bit is less than few
or does that depend on you?
I know a couple is just two
so does few mean more than..., oooh
how about a "teka lang"
is it really short or long-

Officemate 1: huh?
Me: ....

just a pondering on "few"
maybe Tudoy or you knew
is it more than "several",
is it more than 1 at all?

Officemate 1: tudoy pls answer, di ko na nage-gets si rey
Officemate 2: weird na si rey



  1. Heh, heh. Like this one, wot? I still like to use this, just to confuse folks. gets 'em every time! Haw!

  2. maybe it really depends on you... parang "andyan na!" pero wala pa naman :-D

    love the new layout!

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  3. Ooops, what is tudoy please?

    Stupid silly is a double negative, Rey. That can only mean one thing: this is a brilliant little poem. And I'd be stupid silly not to like it.

    And I do - makes me smile. Makes me want to reach out and ask, "How are you, little bro?"

    And because there's this danger that you might burst into another round of limericks, I'd gently shut you up with a smokin cup of coffee.

    It's all right, Rey. Everything is all right. Ahehehe

  4. "Because a few could be you, but not really true..."
    he he he...ang cute ng limericks mo. Puede ka ring poet Rey. Join our poetry book too ha. Next project.

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  5. Haha! That's always fun to do. Hehe. Then leave them feeling silly too. :-E

  6. Haha! Especially yung kausap mo sa cellphone:

    Girl: "Asan ka na ba?!?!!"
    Boy: "Malapit na!"
    yun pala kaka alis lang ng bahay. LoL! ;)

  7. Limericks pala tawag dun. lol. di ko alam hehe!

    Si Tudoy po si Officemate 2. Haha.

    It still makes me smile, this limerick - and it always brings me back to that feeling hyperactive, scrambling to finish everything so that I could have my dinner and begin my drive back to Manila.

    I LoL-ed about thet bursting into another round of limericks haha! I think it has to be in a certain stressful situation to be able to do this again. hahaha!

  8. OK will try! Is there a theme?

    Haha! Published poet na rin, pwede nang idagdag sa Profile. Lol! ;)

  9. ReyJr. walang theme .I don't want to limit the creativity of the poets. :) Be ready with yours ha. It would be an honor to have you. Thanks.

    Recent blog:=- I Survived Raising My Teen

  10. Will try my best. :)