Friday, June 26, 2009

Short Signatures for your BlackBerry emails

I was inspired by a quick rhyming snippet from a friend's email signature sent via BlackBerry, she wrote:

"Apologies for the brevity - this was sent on a BlackBerry"

So c'mon! Do away with the boring "Sent via BlackBerry" generic signature, and make a new signature today! Hehe. So here are few of my own suggestions for use as your Black Berry email signature. I don't have a BlackBerry myself, but am welcome to receiving one as a gift. Here goes...

1. The same message above in Haiku form:

"My apologies
for the brevity, 'tis sent
via BlackBerry!"

2. For the people on the go: "In my office, I am not. From my BlackBerry this was shot."
3. This one's a bit long.. but what the heck. If you're into Shakespear maybe?

"I shall never dare be late, answering thine mail, post haste!
So from mine fine BlackBerry, I have sent this note to thee!"

4. If you don't like work emails to follow you: "Since I got this BlackBerry, emails keep on following me!"

5. If you like hip-hop: "Sent ya this 'mail foo! From mah BB, cool!"

6. If you're a sweet little farmgirl: "Short and sweet from my BlackBerry, Lots of love from my cow, Bessy!"

7. If you're Pinoy: "Galing sa Maitim-na-Ubas, sagot ko'y maikli man ngunit makatas." wahaha! (Direct translation: "Coming from my BlackBerry, my answer is brief but juicy")
Come up with your own and post it in the comments section below! Haha!


  1. BASE!

    wahehe. first. first ba ako? hehe. FIRST nga.

    pahiya ako pag hindi.

    - - -

    natawa ako dun sa 7th suggestion mo. taob ang iba!

  2. Ay ayoko mgtry - wala pa akong blackberry eh. ahahaha. Pero I like these:

    1."Galing sa Maitim-na-Ubas, sagot ko'y maikli man ngunit makatas." wahaha!

    2."Short and sweet from my BlackBerry, Lots of love from my cow, Bessy!"

    Fun post. Pero sana magka Blackberry na tayo para masaya. ",)

  3. haha! astig ah..

    may nabasa naman ako dati ung para sa ipod/iphone naman.. ung kung anu ie-engrave mo sa likod. dami din kakatuwa. hehe.

  4. JR,

    Careful what you wish for... ;)

    Let's give it a shot.

    An old fashioned poet:

    This whole blackberry frenzy, made my job more crazy.
    I give you my short mail, via GPRS and wifi I hail!


    Too long?
    From a savvy girl:

    I heard your short beep
    from my pocket black and pink
    replied so quickly.

    (haiku that rhymes)

    From a blackberry fanatic MD

    You sneeze, I cover
    your ringtone is a bother.
    I'll blog my encounter,
    yours "blackberry doctor!"

    From a person who has a short temper

    Wag kang makulit,
    sagot ko'y ikakabit.
    Sa email mong paulit ulit
    ikaw tong sobrang mapilit!


    I'll attach my reply,
    so don't be so pesky.
    From your repetitious email,
    you cajole me so heavily.


  5. @.pOot - welcome to my blog! first ka nga. :p

  6. @jan_geronimo - aha! sana may magregalo sakin hehe. Inisip ko ng matagal ang Tagalog ng BlackBery...

  7. @chikletz - talaga? di ko pa nakikita yun ah.

  8. Hahaha! @Zorlone , ikaw naman ito eh: "From a blackberry fanatic MD" Palagay ko iyan ilalagay mo. Hehe.

  9. Ganun na nga! Medyo mahal kasi ang blackberry di pa abot ng budget ko. Nasira pa ang car ko so I have to prioritize. (sigh)


  10. Hahaha. iPhone na lang! iPhone 3GS na ang uso ngayon. Hehe. :D
    Sorry about your car though, I know too well how difficult it can be (and how expensive!). :p

  11. It's still going to be expensive to have an iPhone 3Gs. Will have to save more to have a cool phone like that. Are you a mac user?

  12. Acer Aspire 5560. :p
    I agree, no iPhone or BlackBerry here either. I'd rather spend it on a nice vacation though! :D

  13. Well done Rae! Smart and witty : ) Ang galing galing! Pa kiss nga... mwah!

  14. Ayan...reposting lang : ) Pa kiss!!!! You are soooo galing : ) Miss you!

  15. kiss! PDA! hahaha... see you soon.

  16. Another excellent suggestion! I'd travel in a heart beat than buy a cool celfone. he he he! I like how you think JR!

  17. astig ng comment forum mo ah. haha! nainggit ako. pde makigaya?

  18. @chikletz - don't forget to backup before you install this! :D Nagkaka problema ung blog ko with Internet Explorer na browser ngayon eh. Di ko sure kung bakit. :(

  19. Grabe Rey
    This made my day!!!

    Heheheheeee! :D

  20. hehe! thanks for the inspiration Dunna! hehehe! Naalala ko tuloy ang mga suggested names noon para kay Enzo... favorite ko yung "Stayshunsofda Cruz" hehe!

  21. I love the filipino translation "Maitim-na-Ubas" loveeeeet ung iba English kasi nag talsikan ung dugo sa ilong ko lol

  22. haha.. matagal ko yang pinag isipan. anu kayang Tagalog ng Berry? :p

    Baket naman hindi lang tumulo, tumalsik pa ang dugo?! wahaha! medyo nakakadiri lang yun. haha.

  23. :-$ of course if i can afford both why not. hahaha! unfortunately, isa isa lang pwede, mahina kalaban. :p

  24. Hahahaha!I think that was your brainchild! :-D

  25. hehehe, oo nga yata. good thing you didn't take my suggestion! :p =-O