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Sure, we want the best of both worlds: we want lots of money and musical independence. But can you have both?

Being an indie band offers freedom to decide what musical direction to take, which songs to release, how and where to promote your music. The advent of internet sites like iTunes, MySpace and YouTube have also allowed more indie artists to "earn from their living rooms" than ever before. So as an indie artist, you should first as yourself, do you really need to be under a major label..

Read the full post on the site by clicking here: Indie artists: Pragmatism in the face of adversity!

and please VOTE for me by clicking the THUMBS UP symbol on there. Hehehe!

Thanks in advance! :D

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  1. MTV blogger contest? surely a lot of bloggers will be interested in this. galing!


  2. ayos ah! :D nakaboto na. yay!

  3. wahehe. thanks chikletz.

    Nobe - send an entry too! :D

  4. @ yenniedoll - wow, thanks! Masunirin na bata? Hehe. jk. salamat!

  5. Will vote for you, but I can't see the thumbs up? Will look around. Good luck!

  6. Voted for you. good luck!

  7. hehehe. it's there somewhere Jena! You can vote every 5 minutes!

  8. @fatherlyours wow! wow! thanks fatherlyours! (teka, it's fatherly OURS, akala ko YOURS :p , or is that part of the trick?) :-D

  9. Voted for you again and again. para manalo ka. :)

  10. heheeh! :D thanks Jena! I would be happy to get the freebies for runners-up. :D

  11. Dropped by to vote for you. Have a pleasant day. Still not home. :)

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  12. Grabe, mananalo na talaga ako nito. :D Hehee! Thanks again Jena! you're da best!

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  13. dropped by to vote, Bring em on!!! He he he. :)

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  14. Wishing you all the luck bro! Nice knowing pare thanks for participating my poll!

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  15. You're welcome. Update on this though, contest is over and they've announced the Top 10.

    I'm not in it. lol. :p

    Oh well, better luck next time to me!
    Hope you win something from Goldilocks!

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