Sunday, November 14, 2010

Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao pummels Antonio Margarito, captures 8th title - WBC Welterweight

Pacquiao defeats Margarito!

With speed and agility, Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao has defeated the taller (by almost 5 inches) and heavier (by up to 20 lbs) Antonio Margarito to capture his 8th world title, WBC Welterweight Champion.

Pacquiao's Hand Wrap, Margarito's Ephedra

Before the fight even began, tensions rose because of issues with Pacquiao's hand wrapping which they needed to redo.  Then Freddie Roach says Margarito took a stimulant ephedra after he was spotted pouring something into a cup - but they say it was simply coffee.

Round per Round

The fight was amazing. It was Round 4 when it seemed Margarito was going to be knocked out by the lightning speed punches of the Pac-man, but he countered well, holding his own. Round 8 was Margarito's round - we saw Manny was dizzy after that right hook with Margarito taking full advantage of his size especially when Pacquiao was against the ropes.

Round 10 - we saw Margarito again losing his footing and falling back at Pacquiao's punches. But he managed to finished the 12 rounds on his feet, despite a large cut under his right eye.

It was an awesome fight!

CONGRATULATIONS once again to the Filipino Boxing Superstar, Manny Pacquiao, making history tonight with his 8th Boxing World Title. :D

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