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Earning 10 in 2010: October Online Earnings Update

Earning 10 in 2010 - Online Earnings Update

October 2010 Online Earnings Update

Hello everyone and welcome to the October 2010 edition of my Online Earnings Update. For this month, I earned about $19.00, and I also reached my first $100 on Google Adsense! If it is your first time reading this, here's a quick background...

I've decided to blog about my monthly online earnings via my Twitter account, and my Personal Blog for the whole of 2010.  I realize it is of somewhat a challenge to earn from a personal blog as opposed to a niche blog - I'm posting around once or twice a week about the things I would normally blog about, receiving around 100 to 150 unique hits per day. Since these are personal accounts, I have been quite discriminating in my choices of what to "promote".  If you are a newbie like me, then read on and join me on this journey! If you are in the same situation, I invite you to share what you know and how your efforts have been fruitful.

Break it down!

It's a special month for me and Google Adsense, having reached the payment threshold for the first time after 2 years of waiting patiently. Let's break it down further and I'll share with you some things I learned about Making Money Online this month...

Google Adsense - $11.41 -The amount I earned this month brought my running total to $100.24, FINALLY qualifying me to received my first ever Google Adsense payout. How cool is that?! I am excited to receive the cheque in the next week or so!

Some quick tips I can give you personal bloggers looking to earn on Google Adsense - pick a topic you're really interested and passionate about and blog about it to your heart's content! Treat it like a sort of niche, but always put your personal twist on it to make it more interesting!

Sponsored Tweets - $0.04 - This service has waned in the last few months. I always get "The advertisers account is running a little low for this campaign right now. We'll try to Tweet this as soon as they add more funds." on pending adverts. Oh well. - Php329.08 or around $6.50 - An OK showing for Nuffnang this month bringing my earnings for this service to an average of $3.40/month since January.

Chitika -$0.73 - This service has earned for me approximately $8.00 in the last 10 months, as opposed to Adsense which earned me around $80.00. Hehehe. Still, I'm keeping them on, I haven't lost hope just yet!

Summarizing - Monetizing

In summary, my online earnings for 2010 so far...

January 2010 = $9.62
February 2010 = $41.00
March 2010 = $15.97
April 2010 = $44.60
May 2010 = $20.43
June 2010 =  $35.00
July 2010 =  $10.91
August 2010 =  $21.44
September 2010 = $26.71
October 2010 = $19.03

From January to October 2010, I have collected a total of around $242.50 (roughly Php11,640.00 in 10 months). That's an average of about Php 1,160 per month in 2010. Hey, that covers more than my twice a week Starbucks fix! :D Haha.

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Things I learned from Earning Online

Here are some foolproof tips for you:
  • Learn SEO and just do it!
  • Be patient
  • Be patient
  • Be patient
That's all there is to it! Haha!

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