Sunday, January 23, 2011

Review: affordable luxury in a Phuket beach resort

This is a review for Horizon Beach Resorts and Hotels.

A trip to Phuket, Thailand means a trip down to the beautiful beaches of this tropical island paradise, and if you're looking for a place to stay - a beach resort in the heart of Patong, or considering a karon lodging hotel that's both luxurious and affordable, or maybe budget accommodations on Patong Beach - Horizon Beach Resorts and Hotels offer these and more.

I am quite easy to please in the sense that if there is a beautiful white sand beach, such as with Patong and Karon Beaches, excellent and affordable massages by capable masseurs and masseuses, and a wonderful relaxing atmosphere - then I'm all set. Everything else is a bonus...
Aside from the normal conveniences of regular hotels, Horizon Beach Resorts and Hotels also offer these amenities which I found notable, and may convince me further to visit Phuket.

The swimming pools and lounge areas look especially relaxing, and the family areas are perfect for those traveling with children.  There is also a Kids Club that functions like a day care for those with younger children.  There are complimentary TukTuk rides, a gesture that will likely be taken well by guests, and WiFi connections for those needing to stay in contact for business purposes or simply so they can share how good a time they are having at the beach to their friends via Twitter or Facebook.

A variety of bars and restaurants range from al fresco dining, to sit down dinners, and to pool bars, and provide dishes from Mexican, Thai, Indian, and host of other Asian countries. It is important to have a big variety of food for the discriminating taste of the guests coming from all over the world.

For those seeking a complete getaway, they offer a Privilege Club Wing which give you access to plush and expansive rooms and includes exclusive use of Lazy Boy chairs and big screen TVs, a private swimming pool with jacuzzi, and a host of other amenities to cater to your every need.

This luxurious and yet affordable chain of beach resorts in Phuket, Thailand definitely promises a completely relaxing time while catering to your every need.


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