Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

01-07-11 Friday

Friday: It's past 1 in the morning and I'm still up, packing my luggage for the flight to Singapore on Saturday, but just managing to stuff 2 items at a time before I go back in front of my laptop, wondering why I can't bring myself to finish anything these days.

But wait, I should maybe qualify that - I can't finish anything non-work related... or. Nevermind.

I blame it, my lethargy, on the extended vacation in December. I mean because vacations are never sufficient, they're always "bitin". And so my body is rebelling against any kind of activity.

Anyway, I should prepare myself for a looong day...

01-08-11 Saturday

Saturday: Arrived in Manila after a 4-hour drive despite the newly opened SLEX-STAR connection. Had a fantastic dinner with friends. Got home at 1AM but need to leave for the airport at 3AM. I should start packing then...

It's 3:30AM. Leaving the house with ZERO sleep hours... but finished reading "Mockingjay" - the third and final book of "The Hunger Games". Who said good guys finish last? Haha. Will tell you more about it later.

Flight was 6:00AM. Was asleep even before the plane left the ground. Zzzzz.

See you in Singapore.

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1/8/11 Reyjr Facebook Status: "Reminiscing high school life over deer and fish, and a bowl of ah balling peanut soup."

01-09-11 Sunday

1/9/11 Reyjr Facebook Page Status: "Enjoyed a day at Universal Studios Singapore with my Tita Baby and my baby sister."

'Nough said. Watch out for the full story on Reyjr Travel Blog!

01-11-11 Tuesday

Forgive the day jump. I was busy working these past 2 days and couldn't really do anything else. It's Tuesday now and it's my last night in Singapore.  I'm eager to go home tomorrow.

I'll be going out in a bit to find a restaurant. I'm thinking Burger King.

See you in the Philippines.

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