Monday, March 12, 2012

My Awesome Virtual 30th Birthday Party

Turned 30

Welcome to my virtual birthday party!

In *real life* my Tatay, my wife Liz and I went to Sandalford Winery in Swan Valley (Western Australia), where we had a sumptuous lunch and enjoyed some wine tasting. We later went to Nguyen Phat in Girrawheen to this huge Asian supermarket. We were in "panic buying" mode (hehe) and bought everything from Silver Swan Soy Sauce and Datu Puti vinegar, to Boy Bawang and Barrio Fiesta bagoong.

In the Philippines, my Nanay and my aunts and cousins ordered some pizza and a cake and sang me a birthday song over Skype video and blew my cake for me. Awesome! My sisters got in the act as well, singing (typing) on Skype. (Ain't Skype grand?)

My virtual parteh guests!

My virtual 30th birthday was also in full gear, my guests below were really generous, taking time out from their busy schedules to send me these photos. Thank you everyone!

Gay of and was the first one who sent a photo. Thanks Gay!

My good friend Atty. Kix posted this on Instagram! Thank you so much Kix, umabot pa! =D

 One of my favorite couples from Tabangao, Ka Roger and Tita Virgie sent this to me on Facebook, all the way from Qatar.

 Ate Nerissa and Filou from Germany sent me this cute photo!

My bestman Tudoy and his lovely bride Hani, sent me this photo they took from the Vienna Opera House! :D

 Our UPCC friends Roger and Emily posted this awesome photo on Facebook too! 

Cha Sy of also greeted me!

And more pahabol....

Smiling in the scorching desert heat, Gay sent this very cool photo with this note: Marhaba! It's Gay of Got a birthday greeting for you from the Sahara Desert in Morocco where we are currently in. Wishing you more travels. Happy big three-o!

Jonha of split herself into 2 just give me a bday greeting!

My awesome friends Julz and Triciamae sent me this beautiful photo of our trip to Baguio last year with a belated greeting. Thanks guys!

And my Tabangao friends sent me this series! Wow! 
Richell (with a new baby), Stanley (with a new haircut!) and Vermont (newly engaged! woot!)

The pretty boys and girls of the Tabangao Technology dept: Dennis, Angel, Hannah, John Kim and Jer!

The coolest E&S folks around: Gab, Meanne, Val and Paul (who orchestrated the photo op. Thanks so much Paul! You definitely made my after birthday morning!)

I am really grateful to everyone who sent me photos, and greeted me a Happy Birthday! God Bless you all!


  1. Happy birthday again... lol... automatic submit! LOL. Luckily when you asked for it, I was not doing anything.  :) 

  2. Yey! Umabot din greeting namin :) What an awesome three-o virtual celeb :)

  3. Hi rey! Long time no see! Haha! Belated happy birthday! :)