I'm turning 30!

Turning 30

Hello to all the (loyal) readers of Reyjr.com! Guess what? I'm turning 30 on Sunday! And in celebration of my birthday, I'm treating myself to a virtual party on my blog, and you're all invited. :)

I'm putting together a collage of photos with people holding up a sign saying "Happy Birthday" to me. (Simple joys, haha!) and I'd like you to send me one of YOURS [email: admin@reyjr.com].  I would really appreciate it if you could! That would be really awesome. 

I will post all the photos on this blog (with a link to your website/blog if you're a blogger). ;) 

Thanks in advance!


  1. Belated happy birthday! Too bad, I haven't seen the post about virtual bday party and i don't have any photo with greeting to send. Lol. I might send a belated greetings though using webcam. :)

  2. You're welcome to send it! I will just add it to my virtual birthday party post. :D

  3. I need to prepare for my 30th birthday too but I think I'm don't want to be in line of 30 yet. ^_^


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