Monday, June 10, 2013

Hey you, let's catch up!

Hello World
You know I haven't posted anything remotely resembling a decent blog post in ages. It's funny, but whenever I visit this little ol' blog of mine, I all of a sudden want to write again...

Have I told you about the time when I was in elementary school and a group of us participated in a Journalism competition?  I vaguely remember that it was for the Pa-Mari-San division (short for Pasig-Marikina-San Juan), and I competed in proofreading or was it newswriting?  I think I won a prize, but I don't remember what it was. I remember going to a day workshop though, learning a bunch of awesome stuff and meeting all these like minded people whose names and faces are now lost synapses in my brain.  We didn't have Facebook back then to continue stalking people you just met.

But memories are frustrating sometimes, don't you think?

Did I really want to become a journalist back then?  I don't remember really.  I do remember my standard answer to "what do you want to be when you grow up?" was not an Engineer.  Not that I regret it.  I just find it interesting how we come to be where we are, and how you never really know what the future holds, but that you have to take it as it comes and enjoy every single moment.

Maybe I did want to be a journalist, or a writer of some sort. Maybe that's the reason why I started this blog. And maybe that's the reason why some of you are bloggers. I do know that somehow when I browse around this blog, it brings me back to those moments when I felt bursting with ideas, stories flowing out in a flood my typing skills couldn't keep up.

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